KEF LS60 with a pair of KC62s v Blade 2

Has anyone compared LS60s augmented by a pair of KC62 subs with Blade 2s?   The DSP KEF provides for the LS60 integrates the subs with the speakers,


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we are a kef dealer the ls 60 in no way competes with the blades


the blades are a much more advanced design and sound far superior the ls 60 are designed as a starter lifestyle loudspeaker the blade is a state of the art passive


two totally diferent products.


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I am trying to see if my LS50 Meta + KC82 sub will compete with the LS60. I saw a video very someone stacked the LS50 on top of the KC62 and another where the KC62 was raised to the same height as the LS50 Meta on stands. I get my KC62 from KEF repairs likely this week. It should be interesting to see how the KC62 sounds raised up to the level of the LS50 drivers. I have some clean, high power gear on them.

@audiotroy Are you still representing KRELL and CODA? If so, I am looking at ONLY those 2 for the KEF Blade 2 Meta (not purchased yet). I have heard the CODA #16 (have owned CODA #8) and it sounds great and should be more than enough for the Blade.

However, I have the KRELL Dou 175XD and I love that amp (I need it for my headphones). This amp has me curious about the upcoming KRELL KSA i400. If you get that amp let us know how it sounds or send me a DM.

I have a spare pair of KEF LS50 stands I could try with the KC62s, but don't see the point.  Height of subs doesn't seem to be addressed in the KEF Contact app.

Height of subs shouldn't matter as much as the ls50's and even those can be tilted a few degrees if necessary. Measurements show the uniq driver is linear to +30deg so toe in shouldn't be necessary yet some reviewers still claim improvements from pointing the speakers directly at the listening chair.

I just listened to all the Kef’s mentioned here. The LS50 Wii sounded ok before you turned up the volume then things got really distorted, even with the different settings on the kc62 sub. Maybe a higher crossover point would have taken some of the burden away from the midrange.

Blade 2 was pretty good. For $28k, I would go with other brands for the same price or cheaper. 

The ls60’s are baby blades, The midrange is quite a bit smaller than the ls50 Wii but the ls60 had so much better definition, no breakup when turned up louder. For $7k, they are a good deal for the sound quality you get. 

The uniq in the Blade and Blade 2 have a 3" voice coil and multiple other considerations intended for hi power handling and high output with low distortion  unique to any of the other models before or since. Like most speakers in their price range they respond to components driving them so could sound amazing or just average(for the money) depending on the individual component matching. 

On a budget the ls60 is the safe bet but the ceiling can't compete with what the blade's can do when a systems built around them.