Keef Out Of His Tree The Monkey Man & The Coconut

Ouch!! Doesn't he have 'people' to do this sort of thing for him? Well, at least it was his head -- just imagine, if it had been his hand it could have made a difference in how he plays! (Hope the sand broke his fall enough that they don't have to de-impact those fishing lures he wears in his hair from his skull!) Naw, we kid because we love -- get well soon my numero uno favorite rock guitarist of all time guy!
He survived rock and roll, recreational drugs, fast cars, groupies and adoring throngs to be nearly "done in" by a palm tree.

Strange times indeed.
Hopefully this will knock some sense into him and he will try to talk Mick into hanging it up so we don't have to see and hear hideous performance's like the Superbowl. He could also call Aerosmith and let them know it's time to go!
Blblues68: I dunno, by my reckoning it's been close to 30 years since the Stones gave live performances that weren't more show than emotionally meaningful...besides, Keith could end the Stones anytime he wanted, no convincing of Mick necessary. Don't get me wrong though, what they manage to do today is still very impressive in its way -- I've seen quite a few 60's bands, many recently reunited, play in the last 10 years, and none can touch the Stones for staying a lean, mean, professional machine. Unfortunately, I desire more than for my wallet to be professionally lightened for an evening's pomp and spectacle, I could get that in Vegas if I wanted it. If only they sold stock in their tours...
Blblues68: The Stones quit?? Hell, no!! They still kick %$# and look bad (that means good) doing it. Jagger is the biggest musical force since Beethoven, and their live show still destroys 9/10ths of the bands out there. Life w/o the Stones would be very sad indeed.
I still think "LIVE r than you'll ever be" was their best...but that is just me.
"Jagger is the biggest musical force since Beethoven"

I'm not real sure what to say about that!
>>Jagger is the biggest musical force since Beethoven<<

That covers a lot of ground.