iphone lighting cables

At my restaurants we use a lot of tablets and small printers for incoming online orders. It’s a busy kitchen and my devices go through the ringer. I keep having to replace charging cables and charging nuggets. 
Im looking for a good value, durable, iphone charging cable... a good charge  nugget would be awesome too. 

I can tell that I'm using Iphone for a years. As I am designer in huge company, https://create.vista.com/create/display-ads/ all my friends use iphones too. Our team one time had a task to design and develop Lighting cable to one chinese company. Unexpected we found that apple have license and quality standarts that can tell you how to make cables. Unfortunatly that standarts lock durability and power delivery at low level.

So, every lighting cable you can buy is the same quality as another one, or original one, and it will broke in half of year. Ehh, reality. So I'm buying original cables, they look good

Second the recommendation of Anker. I've had excellent luck with both their cables and chargers. 
Perfect timing I guess..I'm looking for a new charger for one of my devices as well.


Their fast chargers are actually fast. Much better than the stuff you get from other stores online.

I use a Power Delivery 3.0 charger with a compatible cable. The result is charging speeds up to 4x the standard charger that was bundled with my device. I have a Samsung A70.