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Whats on your turntable tonight?
Interesting mathematical calculations)  
Help with Projector display
I also had a projector that was not designed for watching movies. Therefore, I read about models that have passive 3D technology and high resolution. These are the most suitable projectors for watching movies.  
Streaming over fiber vs. cable Internet
Weird question. Do you have examples of implementation? 
Projector comparisons
What are the minimum specifications for a laptop to process 4k video for a projector? I am considering new models of high resolution projectors. But I have doubts about the laptop: core i5, 8 Gb RAM, nvidia 630m 2 Gb. 
iphone lighting cables
I use ColorWay cables. 
Best Bike to ride before a good listening session
I have been cycling for a long time, but now I want to switch to e-bike. All the same, a knee injury makes itself felt. I also love to ride a bike in beautiful places and listen to music. Now I am reading about e-bike models that are suitable for ... 
3D printing
I am now also interested in 3D printers, but for the manufacture of small parts. Models from such a list are suitable for these purposes. They are mainly used for printing miniatures for games. 
NAS Fried
I was in a similar situation, but my power supply just burned out and the partition on the disk was damaged. I used RAID Recovery to recover the data.  
Projector - Looking for advice
Native 1080p WiFi Projector, Gzunelic 7000 Lumens Smart Bluetooth Projector ± 50° 4D