I Got Ants in my Pants and Need to Dance

I love great grooves, makes the day go great while I work. What are some of your favorite groves. I will start with 3 of mine

  • Motherlode - James Brown
  • Black and Blue - Rolling Stones
  • Fela Kuti (almost everything)

Too many to list! Anything from Disco, synthpop, techno, goth, eyeball rattling sound and a lot of alcohol!

Some to You by Banner. Everyone from 15 months to 70 years old popped up to shake what they have and can. 

Don't like most of music with lyrics, but song "If I Ever Lose My Faith... is a definite grove jewel.

Marcus Miller’s instrumental version of Stevie Wonder’s “Boogie on Reggae Woman” is pretty funky cool. I don’t like to dance, but this one could actually get me moving given the right partner…


I like some of the tunes mentioned. Never heard of these before so that is awesome.

Another song I think has a good groove, but it is not a traditional groove is Taj Mahal by Gilberto Gil and Jorge Ben. It is just acoustic guitars and vocals but that tune always has me bopping in my seat.

BTW - check out that James Brown I listed above, that is some incredible playing.

Speaking of James Brown another recent discovery for me is 

Life on Planet Groove by Maceo Parker



Aerosmith - Walk This Way

Police - Message in a Bottle

Pretenders - Precious

"Be Good Johnny" Men at Work

"Devil Inside" INXS 

"China Grove" Doobie Brothers