How to take pictures for selling

To all the people who list,
The first and most important pictures are a CLEAR picture of the front controls and have it on a straight plane. The next is a CLEAR picture of the back of the item or where the output and input are on the item. Then every thing else after that. We who review the items need those pictures.
Most important is good lighting.  Do not use a desk lamp, casts too many shadows.  Use a light source that is somewhat directional but diffused-window light with a piece of white cardboard opposite the light source as a reflector.  Window light works well if its balanced w/ a reflector.

tripod if you have it

make sure if you are using a camera  vs a cellphone is to use a decent f-stop-  F8 is good   set your iso at 800- 400 is better but 800 helps in low light

keep the background uncluttered- use a empty wall or a sheet hung behind the gear but not too close to the gear.
I like to use manual settings with natural lighting (ie the sun through a window whenever possible) and take several bracketing exposure time photos around what initially looks best then choose the one that shows the unit best. I always use a tripod to get the sharpest image with longer exposures, usually over-exposed for a brighter more pleasing shot (loudness wars!) but in dimmer light so lights and indicators on device can be seen clearly along with the rest.
My pet peeve is people not photographing the back of gear, both components and speakers!
No matter what equipment you're using for the pictures, to show them professionally and great, please don't include neither your dog, your wife or children, your night or bathing fleece, your unfinished lunch plates, your sneakers with socks inside or loose pants on your bed or couch, your hairy legs and even your TV with nooz program on. Include only the item you're selling in your pictures, check if you accidentally put your finger over the flash or lens like you sort-of proof-reading the image weather it's good or not good to present it to public and if not good re-take and check again.
Czar, yes, none of that but when desperate sometimes a beautiful model can only help.
Yep especially if you're trying to sell for parts vintage Technics receiver..:-)
wipe the equipment down, take test picture, look for smudged, greasy finger prints and grime that show on your downloaded pics. Go back and clean them off. Take final pics. I won't buy dirty stuff.  thank you