How to connect subwoofers

Hello guys
I have a 2.0 stereo system, entry level high end, with Audio-gd R8 DAC, Audio-gd M1 preamp, Nord Acoustics Class D amp and Q Acoustics Concept 500 floorstanders.

I want to add a pair of subs, but before buying them I need figure out how I will be able to connect them to my system. 

There's seems to be two ways:

1. High level connection. The one I prefer for my room lay out, cables length and sound quality. 

This way I understand I have to connect the subs with speaker cables from the binding posts of the speakers, each sub connected to one speaker. 

I have different opiniones on this kind of connection from different dealers. Someones say the sub wont change the impedance, etc of the speakers and it wont affect the amp, but others say the opposite.

2. RCA connection. 

I only have one RCA output for each channel on the preamp, but I have two RCA inputs on each sub (right and left channel).

I understand I should use one single RCA cable for each sub, but that will mean that one RCA input on each sub will not be not connected and it will not get any signal. Could that harm the subs? 

Well I would appreciate your comments regarding your experience with subs as I guess most subs should behave similar, no matter the brand. Am I correct? 
Speaker outs of the amp to high level ( speaker inputs ) of the subs, with 16 or 18 gauge speaker wire, will be the most musical blend, ime. Enjoy ! MrD.
for the high level connection, I think you create a separate run of speaker cables going from the amp to the sub (not from the speaker to the sub). I think most high-end sub-woofer companies prefer this method since theoretically it keeps the "sound" of the amp through to the sub for better integration with the mains. REL sub-bass systems recommend this method as well as the guys at PS Audio. Those guys know their stuff, so I tend to listen when they have something to say.
However, is RCA really second class? not sure, but the proof is always in the pudding. Could always try both and go with what sounds the best to your ears.
As far as the connection from the preamp to the subs I think each channel goes to the left input on each of the subs
Thank you guys. 
One more question. 
My power amp has only 4 binding posts, 2 for each speaker channel, so taking a parallel pair of cables from the same binding post of the amp, isn't the same of just taking them from the speakers binding posts? 
No, it is not. Feed the subs the same way you feed the speakers. Example : Spades / bananas share a post on the amp.
Using the high-level speaker connectors on the subs is fine. I don't see a problem connecting them to the speaker terminals, rather than the amp, if it's easier for you. The speaker level inputs on most subs are usually many thousands of ohms impedance, so your amp won't see any additional load. 

For the rca level inputs, you could install a simple set of y-cables from the preamp outs with one leg going to a subwoofer and the other the amplifier input. Connecting only 1 to a sub would be fine. 

What subs are they, anyway?
plga wrote:
" Thank you guys.
One more question.
My power amp has only 4 binding posts, 2 for each speaker channel, so taking a parallel pair of cables from the same binding post of the amp, isn't the same of just taking them from the speakers binding posts?"

If it is more convenient to tap the signal from the speakers binding posts then do so.  It doesn't look the same as tapping the amp's binding posts, but it is electrically identical.  
The people of SVS and Kef have told me the exact same thing, the high level inputs of their subs have thousands of ohms and would not provide an extra load to the amp.
The thing is that here (Argentina) there's no dealers of SVS and Kef is much more expensive than in US or abroad.
I've found a good deal in a pair of Boston Acoustics M Subs, wich have good specs and some few good reviews, so I will buy them with a trial period, but I cant get a strait answer from Boston Acoustics USA about how to connect them to my system without risk. 
Also my preamp and power amp are connected with XLR cables, so the RCA outputs of my preamp are free and I think, if the M Subs dont accept RCA mono input, I could get a pair of Y RCA cables to connect both RCA inputs of each sub to one RCA output of my preamp. Has anyone tried a connection with these Y RCA cables? 
Yes Danoroo,
For me, if possible, it is much simpler to connect the Subs from the speakers’ binding posts than from the ones of the amp, wich will be located further from the subs.
I also believe that electrically both connections are the same, but I cannot get a strait answer from Boston Acoustics and I don’t want to risk the amp.

If you're using the rca inputs on the subs, you can connect one or both of them with a Y cable. It makes no difference. 

I looked through the owners manual and either way, rca or speaker level inputs, will be fine for you. 
None of the approaches that have been mentioned in the thread will harm your equipment in any way, UNLESS:

1) You connect at speaker level and the class D amplifier is one of a few older designs which operate both the + and - speaker outputs with a large DC offset from ground (something like 24 volts if I recall correctly), as opposed to the much more usual situation of the - output terminal being at circuit ground. I suspect that concern is not applicable to your amp, but it would probably be a good idea to confirm that with Nord Acoustics (especially if your amp was produced more than several years ago).

2) You connect at speaker level and the class D amplifier has outputs which are balanced or bridged. Again, it would probably be a good idea to confirm with Nord Acoustics whether or not that is not the case. If it is the case, and you connect the subs at speaker level (rather than to the preamp’s outputs), the ground (negative) wire from the sub should be connected to either a circuit ground point on the amp or to a chassis screw on the amp, rather than to the negative output terminal of the amp (or the negative input terminal of the speaker).

Regarding the question about whether to connect to the speaker terminals or the amp terminals, chances are it won’t make any difference sonically, so I would go with the speaker terminal approach that is more practical for you. And if it does make a difference, it’s even possible that the speaker terminal approach might be sonically preferable, as it might result in a slight reduction in the amount of RFI (radio frequency interference) that may be picked up by the cable and in turn injected into the feedback loop of the amplifier (if the amp has a feedback loop).

Regarding how to connect to subs having RCA inputs for two channels, given that your preamp appears to have a very low output impedance connecting to just one input, or using a y-adapter to connect to both inputs, or connecting to just one input and putting an RCA shorting plug on the other input would most likely all work ok from a sonic standpoint (and none of those approaches would create a risk of damage). Personally, I would go with the approach of putting a shorting plug on the unused input. You can find inexpensive RCA shorting plugs from various sellers at eBay, some of whom should be able to ship to your country inexpensively.

-- Al