How remove oxydation from spades?

I've got a pair of Analysis Plus Silver Oval speaker cables, a couple of years old, and the spades have oxydation on them. What do you recommend to clean it up?
Thank you.
Your going to think im crazy but a freind of mine just said the other day that he had a pair of Cardas Quadlink 5c's that had oxydation on them and he used toothpaste on them and it took it all off. They look like brand new?? I myself havent tried it but the proof is the way his cables now look. Give it a try it's not going to hurt anything. Good luck. let us know.
If they are gold-plated, use ProGold G5 (5% cleaning power).
If they are not, use DeOxit. (20% cleaning power)

I got them at Frys Electronics. also carries them.

hope this helps!

I can't vouch for the other remedies,but I 2nd the ProGold solution. If the oxidation is bad,use the DeOxit first,then the ProGold. The benefit to this is the fact that the ProGold will actually treat the metal and prevent it from reoxidizing. Check out their website at
A solvent based cleaner just isn't going to cut through that. Use a mild abrasive; toothpaste or an ink eraser will work, but be careful not to remove any plating materials from the spades. Absolutely use a good non-oil based contact cleaner to follow up (not Progold). Crocus cloth is a favorite for oxidized spades, AC plug prongs, etc. It only looks like fine sandpaper, but is much finer than even #1000; available at better hardware stores.
My favorite tool is called the Rush-Eraser. It looks like an aluminum pencil with a knurled knob sticking out one end. Turning the knob feeds micro fine fiberglass bristles out the end where they can be put to work scrubbing everything from tube pins and circuit boards to electrical plugs and spades.

It is possible to remove too much with any abrasive method, but as Bob points out, micro fine abrasives do a great job without leaving contaminates behind.

The Rush-Eraser is manufactured in Syracuse, New York by the Rush Company. I have been using their products on stereo connections for more than fifteen years with excellent results.
I second Albert's recommendation. I've used this product on both audio and medical equipment and it works wonderfully.

I tried the toothpaste and it got rid of 90% of the oxydation. Very weird. I will seek out at least one of the other products to finish the cleanup.
If you are unable to locate a dealer for Rush Eraser products, you can phone them at 315-454-3237.

To access online, the link I have provided below will take you to the page with images, specifications and prices.

I use the metal body AA0020 because it is a permanent investment, requiring only refills occasionally.

Other way to go is the AA0200 or AA0210. Both are plastic bodies and are cheap enough to use and dispose of. None of these amount to more than $10.00, unless the manufacturer has a minimum order that I have forgotten about. If they do, go in with buddies and by a few and make everyone happy.

Good luck.