Help returning an Allnic H1500 SE II phono stage

Looking for some feedback and recommendations for retubing my Allnic H1500 SE II phono stage that are getting long on service hours and besides like to have a full set of tubes on hand for any piece of tube gear I have in play for trouble shooting issues as they come up. The tubes in question are not readily available through the normal channel's like Upscale Audio or The Tube Store except for the rectifier tube that has been replaced with a Phillips 5R4GYS with great sonic success. The list of tubes needed are as follows, (2) E282F, (2) 7233, (2) 6485, (6) 5842. I have found them all on eBay from different sellers but not confident that is the way to go. Any help or advice will be appreciated.

Have you tried the importer or a US retailer?  I am using the 3000 phono stage and retubed once.   

I have the H3000- your best bet, depending on where in the world you are located, is to contact the authorized factory/distributors. Albert Porter is US (maybe all of North America). I bought the oddball tubes for the H3000 on Ebay as well and have some back ups- also got a complete set from the factory. My recollection was that some of the tubes I got from eBay, branded Mullard, made in Great Britain on the glass, were actually made by Amperex in the U.S. It wasn't that the seller was selling bogus product- apparently, tube companies shared workload in the past- and did this without regard to what we think of today as correct provenance of the tubes--they were pretty much fungible parts. And, I was informed that the Siemens and Mullards supplied by the factory for the H3000 were essentially the same tube. The rectifier makes a huge difference- and there, you can go to the open market; some other Allnic owners may weigh in but my sense is that you aren't going to get as much out of rolling the tubes on the audio circuit as you will the rectifier.  Dunno if that helps. Albert is pretty regularly on this board, and easy to find on the Net. (and a nice guy to boot, though he may be off to an audio show right now). 
Thanks guys I am in Houston and Albert is in Dallas, have been in contact with him in the past and will probably just get him to get me a set from the factory. Have replaced the rectifier tube with a Phillips/Holland, had to alter the socket orientation a tad to get it to fit but wow what a difference. Just wanted to air this out on the forum and see what comes of it. 
Contact David Beetles of Hammerrtone Audio, he is the global distributor for Allnic. He’s a great guy and very knowledgeable.


What brf said.
Plus, the title of your post says "returning", where I think from reading the thread you must have meant "re-tubing".  Anyway, you got good advice.

Contact David Beetles of Hammerrtone Audio, he is the global distributor for Allnic. He’s a great guy and very knowledgeable.

I believe David has retired and Albert has taken over as distributor.

What were the tubes used in this model originally purposed for? My recollection was that the E810F in the H3000 was meant for telephony switching, and was not originally intended for audio, which is why it's an offbeat tube- not expensive, but not usually carried by the usual audio suppliers of NOS (though who knows what they have accumulated). wrm57 is correct as to my knowledge, David is retired, Albert's your man. (David was great to work with, but you have to appreciate Albert's sense of humor- a wonderful character). 
If it's of any help, an older Sams tube substitution handbook I have lists some tubes that can be substituted for a couple of the types you listed:

5842:  Western Electric 417A and 417B

6485:  6AH6WA

Good luck.  Regards,
-- Al
almarg thanks for that, I will keep all that in mind. Have contacted Albert Porter in the past and he seems like the guy to handle the tubes for me if I settle on the Allnic replacements but just wanted to air this out on this forum and am always amazed at the information I get from all you guys and the input is always appreciated.