Has anyone tried to launch a for sale ad here, lately?

I have just given up on my third try.  I fill out the first page, fine.  Then you have to go to a second page to describe the price and shipping, etc.  At that point, the ad dissolves.  Just vanishes.  As a last resort, the back button takes you to a blank page as if you have entered no previous data. I'm done here.


@lewm- don't you think it is worth reaching out to Tammy? It could be a software glitch here - not uncommon. 

i buy reasonably frequently here, but it has been a long while since i have tried to sell anything here

I used to sell here a lot but ever since they changed the fee structure, it no longer favorable to sell here; especially the large ticket items. Not to mention, a direct communication via phone is prohibited with buyer or seller. I am not going to buy a five or four figures item without speaking to a seller.

Yep....Gave up trying to sell on AudiGon a long time ago. Its as if they are trying to discourage you from posting an ad.

I can post an ad on A-Mart in less than a minute...and its free.

I'll buy an item from AudioGon...but I don't even consider trying to sell gear.

Agree. Their pay pal and moderation policies, ad fees and prohibition on talking to anyone prior to a sale or purchase is absurd and extremely user unfriendly verging on intentional hostility. Use only if the other alternatives do not work.

I’m not sure I would go so far to say hostile, but not particularly seller friendly for sure. As others, I buy here, but don’t sell anymore. The fee structure is a bit “challenging”.

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Yes, I went through the whole process and then all my copy and details vanished into thin air. I'm using craigslistI, I text then if I want to talk to the person with a virtual phone number I do. Then I can meet the person & I talk to the person outside. I get a feel for the person if they're legit  and then I decide if I'll bring them into my home. I'm not shipping I'm not paying fees. I'm just doing business the old fashion way in this modern world. If they want it. My price and my product will be attractive. That's how you sell..

I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who feels the new fee structure and sales policies are not worth the time or effort.  

Many buyers want to use paypal for their security, add that to the fees on this site we're at 8% now we add shipping and the prospective buyer is better off buying a demo with warranty from the local shop! Agon really is just for subscribed dealers anymore.