Google Nest WiFi

Based on recommendations here, I installed the Google Nest WiFi system. I have the router and two points and it works great. My router is located too far away from my stereo system to allow a wired connection to my streamer. The points do not have an ethernet connection, the router does.

My question: If I buy another nest router can I connect it wirelessly to my network

and use that to make a wired connection to my streamer. Has anyone done this?

I have not had much luck researching this online.



Pretty sure you can not have two routers on the same wifi network. The older google wifi devices can do this however. Maybe check if you can add one of those, which will be used as a switch, to a Nest wifi network. With that said I have run wirelessly using nest (just upgraded) and google wifi (just removed) and never have any dropouts or other issues. 

Yes, it is my understanding the older version points had ethernet connections. BTW my house is built on a concrete slab so I can't run a cable under the house. Can't fish a wire either, too much trouble and it's an exterior wall full of insulation.   

The older ones all have an Ethernet out. When you setup, one become the router and the rest are wifi points with a Ethernet out. The devices are all the same but once you configure the main one it is the only router. I just looked and this looks pretty simple to do in the google home app.

you can also get another nest router and configure it to be a mesh node. This would be the best in terms of speed but is likely more tricky to do the setup. You don’t want two routers even tho it may seem to work for a bit. 

google is your friend here. 



So you think I could integrate an older nest point into my present set up?

I tried researching this online, couldn’t find much help.


Yes, but it is called “Google wifi” It is more puck like in shape and less rounded. On amazon. It is the older version of what nest is today. 

I'm not able to stream via ethernet cable, so have to use wifi.

Slightly different than you hardware though.


Have just bought a wifi extender, as it has ethernet out.

Planning to run a Meicord Opal ethernet cable from it to my streamer.

Currently researching how to clean up the noise from the extender to the streamer.


I must have the older one as it has and Ethernet out. I definitely get less dropouts connecting the Bluesound Node via Ethernet to the google. Sound quality I’m not sure. 

@jerrybj Before I got the Nest, I used an

extender wired to the streamer. It work 




Did you add anything to clean up the sound?

Network switch, or anything else?