Good Baritone Sax Recording?

Just wondering if any members can recommend a really well-recorded and, of course, musically outstanding CD featuring a baritone sax player. Thanks!
Gerry Mulligan meets Scott Hamilton, Concords Jazz, CCD4300
Gerry Mulligan - Dream a Little Dream - Telarc CD83364

and one of my favorites for the music, Gerry Mulligan meets Ben Webster on Verve 841661.
I know you were asking for a CD, but it you can play LP's the best baritone sax recording I have heard is Nick Brignola's Northern Lights on Discovery Records. It was recorded live to two-track and is one of the best recordings I have heard period. You might find it in one of the mail-order websites like Earthwave Records or Records by Mail. There are some good Pepper Adams recordings that may be available on CD.
Nuclear Whales - Retrospective.

A "best of" compilation of the Nuclear Whales an all saxophone band. Good recording values and great sax.
James Carter "The Real Quiet Storm" and "Chasin' the Gypsy" with excellent performances and recordings. "Three Baritone Saxophone Band Plays Mulligan" with Ronnie Cuber, Nick Brignola and Gary Smulyan is great with decent recording. Hamiet Bluiett's "Blueblack" is inconsistent material but recorded as well as anything gets. Have fun.
Hamiett Bluiett's bari work with World Sax is great stuff. "Revue", "Plays Duke Ellington" and "Rhythm and Blues" are particular favorites. He is the anchor of this unit and the reason it swings so hard.
I always liked the metro corridor solo in Luc Besson's "Subway" (a.k.a. "Metro" in French). The saxophonist was Alain Guillard. Music by Eric Serra (though this was one of the less memorable efforts (for both Besson and Serra, but the first time I saw Jean Reno in a movie I think...)).
Bruce Fowler Entropy has some very well documented Kurt McGettrick baritone work. Really cool charts too, It's a good bet that F.Z. would approve.
Gerry Mulligan Meets Ben Webster. The sound is excellent and so is the chemistry. The first cut is a beautiful version of Chelsea Bridge.

I second the James Carter recommendation. His version of Round Midnight on The Real Quietstorm is fantastic. There is also some intense baritone playing on Caravan, found on his first album, JC On The Set.

Not as good sonically, but nice music is Serge Chaloff, Blue Serge.

If you like hard bop then check out Pepper Adams. I love him and Lee Morgan on The Cooker racing through a furious version of Night In Tunisia.
@rlawry ,

Thank you so much for that Northern Lights recommendation.  My wife’s nephew took his life a couple of months ago and he loved playing the bari-sax. I grew up playing music, but my wife was unacquainted with the bari. I wanted to introduce her to it, so I found your post, found a near-mint pressing of this album on discogs, and wow your glowing review may be underselling it.  The entire album sounds amazing, like I’m watching a quartet in a club from 25 feet away.  And the sax, of course, is sweet.  Thanks again.

I just ordered 2 Nick Brignola via Discogs (vinyl). I dig the bari sax, such a rich sound on a proper rig. Thanks for the recos. 

Oh hey all: check out Nick Zoulek! Stunning sax player. Circular breathing. Saw him live a few years ago, knocked right out. 

Gary Smulyan: "Hidden Treasures" 

Nick Brignola:  "On A Different Level"




I snagged an in store copy of Pepper's 'Live at the room at the top' a few months back. Played a few times then sold on discogs. It's a major blowing session, to hot for my taste. But it's def legit historical record with interesting backstory.