Fuse for Parasound JC 1 monoblock

Parasound tells me the fuse is a T12A, but they don't know if it's slow or fast blow.  Do any of you?  The JC 1s will be used with KEF Reference 1s.

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wow $600USD for a fuse, wow this hobby is getting out of hand. that’s close to a grand in Canadian money. crap my preamp has 4 of them my amps have 4 of them each, mono blocks, I’d have more money in fuses then the amp costs.


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@glennewdick but think of those enhanced sonics you would end up with???"

sorry snake oil to me, I've never heard a difference in fuses, at least the ones I've tried. don't even get me started on directional fuses in an AC circuit seriously this hobby has gotten out of hand. 

A $2 fuse (5 for $10 from Amazon) seems to do the trick.  Lights are on in both the JC 1 monoblocks and the JC 2 preamp.  Now I need a pair of AAA batteries for the remote to try the Parasound trio with the KEF Reference 1s.  Sources will be discs and Roon via an Oppo 205.