Florida Audio Expo - Budget Room

The equipment in most of the rooms will set you back enough to buy a nice Lexus and in some cases a small island. Not room 1016, one of the two rooms presented by Tenacious Sound. This room was an absolute shocker. Great sound for $5k which gets you the Q Acoustics Concept 50 loudspeakers and the Cyrus Audio One Cast streaming integrated. Big soundstage, articulate and just a really good overall sound…. and, it wasn’t super bright like a lot of the other rooms.  Definitely worth a few minutes to go check out this hidden gem.  



Another great sounding budget room…room 514, RJS acoustics with Magnepan LRS supported by dual RJS subs. 

I agree.  Those RSJ subs integrated wonderfully with the LRS speakers.  A lot of great sound for not so much cost. 

I’ll tell ya why it wasn’t super bright- Straight Wire speaker cables and interconnects. No doubt the components were excellent as well but Straight Wire cables give such realistic and accurate sound. 

I was at the Straight Wire office this week talking with Jerry Wilsie and Steven Hill and Jerry told me SW was doing the cabling in the Tenacious room.

I had all SW Crescendo’s for 13 years and that’s what they bring. EASILY the best value in interconnects and speaker cables.

So the components he heard had nothing to do with the great sound he heard? He was just hearing the cables? I doubt it 

Best budget room for me was the Jolida room. IMO, this room sounded better than most of the other rooms from floors 3 on up except for a few like the creek/passion room and the Magico room.

Yes, other than being 100 degrees from all the tubes in a small room, the Jolida Black Ice room sounded good…. Possibly because there were 2 rear channels playing much of the time giving a very immersive sensation. Their $2k preamp/processor requires more investigation to understand what is really going on with the rear channels… but the room sounded much better with rears on vs rears off. 

The TAD room on Sunday was dialed in with  those monitors.  

I asked how much and was told 85k. Dam!

I appreciate you stopping by the room! I’m a big believer in having systems that are attainable for those that love music and am glad that you enjoyed it.  I believe that the result really reflected the great synergy between the Q, Cyrus, and Straightwire. 

Shayne Tenace, Tenacious Sound

Shayne...I suspect your room with the Qs was a big surprise to everyone when they learned the price of the system. I had several friends with me that were into music but no sure if they wanted to be into audio and they commented that it was the only room that might begin to fit the budget of an aspiring audiophile.

Anyone know the owners/principals

of this RJS Acoustics company?  I’ve been emailing and posting. No response.  


I suspect you are going to have to call them.  This link says the owners name is John Schunk and his phone number is 727-644-2346.  


If you do talk to them, please post back whatever you learn.




Sorry, but I'm really not trying to stay under the radar.

In fact, I can use all the exposure I can get.

I do respond to emails and text messages.

Even been known to answer the phone.

email: Info@rjsacoustics.com

Phone: 727-644-2346

Carrier Pigeon & Smoke Signals: NA

John Schunck