Electron microscope slow-motion video of vinyl LP

I agree. The other item from the video that got my attention for my upcoming project was the carbon glue.
.it's really amazing how long our stylus' last after seeing the torture they endure!
Speaking of electron microscopes, all should know that the ultimate platform for you vinyl rig is an electron microscope platform, costs about $10K, but it tame all vibrations.
You can also get a tabletop Vibraplane unit, big enough to hold a turntable. I think the tabletop models are in the $3500-5500 range

Here's a Positive Feedback Online review/summary (from 5 years ago) of some of the industrial vibration isolators that can be used with turntables.
I need an electron microscope video of my wallet to understand where all the money goes. 😲
It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out how mass on a spring works nor does it take deep pockets to implement such a device. Case in point: bungee cords.
That is cool and HERE'S a guy that makes vacuum tubes by hand. Amazing if you've never seen it.
That was an excellent find! Thanks for posting. He is a very ingenious and creative individual.
This thread is an amalgam of the different levels out there in order to get to analog nirvana:

(1) basic visual and mechanical instruction
(2) the majority of serious analog listeners and their understanding of the importance of controlling/eliminating resonances/vibrations.
(3) the well-healed that can say through their own experience what really works through their own experience

To the later: I only hope that one day, I'll be able to experience this.
Chayro: One can tell by looking at this maker's hands, they are experienced.