Digital Speaker Balance Control with ROON

This is just an FYI for you ROON fanatics.

I sit slightly to the left of the center spot in my office system. I normally use the BALANCE control of my Benchmark HPA4 preamp to adjust for this seating position.

However, today I moved the HPA4 to my Livingroom and put in the Holo Serene in the office. The Serene does not have any features that you would like in a preamp, it just sounds rather good. So, no BALANCE control. I was willing to live with that since I want the HPA4 in the Livingroom.

I was wondering if ROON had anything for BALANCE since I was familiar with CONVOLUTION filters running on ROON. I had not seen the SPEAKER SETUP filter before (or maybe the current feature set was updated). There was a provision to set the distance from the 2 speakers to the seating position. I entered the magic numbers and had perfect balance. This was even better than the analog balance from the HPA4 preamp. It sounds great and bit perfect.

Love ROON. Killer features and I have NO issues with the sound.




You don't have to set a distance if you don't want to.  You can simply specify a + or - dB adjustment for each channel in that Speaker Setup filter.  It works extremely well.  I use it to adjust for a slight deficit in my left ear so add a dB to the left speaker.  Roon is fantastic!

I thought you needed to measure the room for the dB. Whatever, the case I am so impressed with this feature. I was considering selling the Holo Serene to get another Benchmark HPA4 preamp. However, now the need to do that is gone.

In the future, I hope ROON can incorporate voice and ChatGPT. Sometimes I do not remember the name of a group or song. A conversational search would be an amazing feature. 

A feature like what I described is certainly doable with ROON.



Thanks for that valuable tip! I can’t believe I’ve had run for years and didn’t realize it could do this. It is truly the Swiss Army knife of audio software.

News to me …I need to spend some time to get up to speed with Roon.  These features sound good but for some reason I can’t seem to locate these settings.  Can someone clue me in on how to access these features.  I will go on the Roon site as well to search for help.   Many Thanks

Ok was able to locate Muse under the speaker icon.  Found all the cool features.  Thanks for mentioning this or not🤪

Roon keeps in keeping on. I find that’s all I use especially now that it can save a song to a Qobuz playlist. Praise Jah. 

I have been using the Stereo Setup feature now for a couple of days and I must say this is a fantastic feature. It sounds way better than doing the same thing in the analog domain with my Benchmark HPA4 preamp. Only issue is that I get this benefit only with my streaming, not with my turner which I use from 9AM - 12PM M-F.

You will notice how powerful ROON is if you have multiple zones and also use headphones. Adding convolution filters to specific endpoint also takes the complexity up a lot. It all works great, but I removed my Convolution filters after getting different gear. 

Using a Convolution filter would have also resolved my Balance issue but that is incredibly complicated to do correctly, and I only get a professional to create those filters. I used this guy in the past.

Digital Room Calibration Services, Convolver, Headphone Filtersets (


Here is another tip.

I have 3 streamers in the house for 3 DACs. There are 2 in the office and one of those streamers has the STEREO SETUP filter enabled. As of today, my headphone streamer does not have the STEREO SETUP enabled, since it is not needed. All is good.

Someone contacted me today about buying my streamer for the headphones. Now if I sell it, I will have the LRS+ speaker settings with the STEREO SETUP filter. To solve this, I can create a named filter, say LRS+, and another named filter WITHOUT any filter settings, say naked.

When I use the LRS+, I need to remember to change the endpoint filter to LRS+ and when using the headphones I need to change to the naked filter. Of course, I will now need to manually change the streamer cable from 1 DAC to the other.