Crosby and Nash Live....Another Stoney Evening

I've been listening to a redbood CD sold to me by Grateful Dead productions. It is called "Another Stoney Evening" by David Crosby and Graham Nash. This is from 1971 and as real as it gets; Crosby had the flu and his voice, while still attractive, shows it.

There was no band; it was Crosby and Nash, two Martin guitars, and some Shure SM 57 mics. Those mics are considered low fi by many. In this application the recording is immediate and intimate with full tone. You can hear the vocal inflections. You can also hear some wonderful acoustic versions of such great songs as "Southbound Train", "Laughing", "The Lee Shore", "Wooden Ships", and "I Used To Be A King". The almost never played "Where Will I Be" is worth the price of this wonderful sounding redbook CD
Excellent cd. And I must say after seeing them this summer. Their recorded music is much, much, better than their live performances. I think it's time to hang it up guys.
I had the bootleg "A Very Stoney Evening" and enjoyed it for quite a few years before stumbling on this one from the same tour. I prefer the content of the bootleg and the sonics of the redbook.
Used copies (rated in very good condition) are available at

Thanks to C123666's recommendation, among others, I just bought one of them. More are available.

Thanks Gerryn, I got it... Also picked up 4 Way Street. I can't ever order just one.
Lokie: Glad you got it. I just listened to it. Great recommendation by C123666. I really like 4-Way Street too, but the quality of One Stoney Evening is outstanding. Enjoy.
To all:
I picked up a DVD-Audio copy the other day at J and R Music World in Manhattan.
It sounds great.
There also may be a live recording of Crosby and Nash with Phil Lesh at UC Davis a few years back. I know I have the show on DAT somewhere and will eventually move it onto CDR.

Anybody interested might check for this show; the year 1994 sounds right and maybe it was in October.