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Zerostat? Any Other Good Options?
A used fabric softener sheet works wonders. 
Is the Kab Speedstrobe necessary with the VPI SDS?
I think you just answered your question Lornoah. LOL 
Is the Kab Speedstrobe necessary with the VPI SDS?
I'll second that Narrod. Although $80.00 for a 10 inch plastic disc and a cheap box with a strobe light seemed pretty hard to swallow at first sight, now that I've got it I don't know how I ever lived without it. Piece of mind. That's what it is. ... 
VPI Scout and Scoutmaster owners.
Jamnperry, I just posted HW's comments to clear up my half-a$$ effort to quote him in my first post. I myself am in no way trying to say no one with this table needs an anti-skate, if you can hear a difference and it pleases you, that's great. I h... 
VPI Scout and Scoutmaster owners.
Harry posted this on the Vinyl Asylum March 15, 2004....................."Customers are demanding a mechanical anti-skate adjustment even though it already has a non-mechanical one and it works perfectly. So, like everything else in this country t... 
VPI Scout and Scoutmaster owners.
I have read that the only reason HW added a anti-skate device is because so many people thought they needed one. Harry says twisting of the signal wire does the same thing as a $200 anti-skate device. 
VPI Scoutmaster - Rubber Washer
Tom, the rubber washer's purpose is to keep the record from dishing when using the threaded clamp.But once you upgrade to the periphery ring, dishing is no longer a problem. And since the platter is perfectly flat, having a washer under the center... 
Recommended cartridge weight for VPI Scoutmaster
I had to pay for my weight. You'll need one if using the Clearaudio Wood Virtuoso to get the 2 gram recommended tracking force. At the same time though they did send me a replacement washer for my center spindle for free. 
VPI Scoutmaster Belt...Is Your's Still Going???????
Apparently I'm not the only one having a problem. My dealer says he's had a problem with them too. I e-mailed VPI and Mike said they are working on a new version of this belt and by the time my new one wears out they will send me another.Also the ... 
VPI Scoutmaster Belt...Is Your's Still Going???????
Yes, it is the black nitrile. 
Crosby and Nash Live....Another Stoney Evening
Zenieth. Maybe you just saw them on a not so stoney evening. 
Best power tube for Rogue Audio M120 Magnum
I bought a quad of EH KT-88`s for my Rogue Eighty-Eight. I agree with Eddaytona's comments. A great tube for the money. 
Best Neil Young Album?
"Zuma" is my favorite. "On The Beach is" a close second. 
Best tube preamp with phono stage and mono switch?
Thanks for all the responses. I purchased a CJ PV-11. It has all the features I`m looking for. I just wish it had been a little cheaper.But I have a feeling once I plug it into my system the price will feel right. I`ll have it by Friday. 
Best tube preamp with phono stage and mono switch?
Why the need for a mono switch? Because I own numerous monophonic Jazz LP`s.