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Favorite lp of all time
Frampton Comes Alive! 
Harmon Kardan T65c Turntable
I own the T60 which is extremely similar to the one you just purchased.It still works well after all these years.No need for any modifications.I suggest you just buy a Grado wooden cartridge and you'll be spinning for years to come!The Grado brand... 
Which phonostage is a heavenly match for a XV-1S
I have the Einstein Turntables Choice (unbalanced version) phono preamplifier and it works great with my XV-1S and my VPI HRX.I have not, however, auditioned any others to compare. 
VPI motor makes loud pops when turned on & off
Joe:I have the VPI HRX which I purchased new last year and had the same problem. I also had the VPI interconnects.I called VPI, and while they were responsive, they didn't have a good answer to my questions.They simply said "use the SDS to shut of... 
Should I retire my Harmon/Kardon T60?
Tubemanic:Thanx for your thoughts.Whatever I decide to do, I do plan to keep the T60.I have read some nice things about the Nottingham turntables. 
Should I retire my Harmon/Kardon T60?
Thanks for the responses.Recently, I brought my T60 to a local Manhattan hi/fi shop for a "tune up" at Harmon Kardon's suggestion.Although the unit sounds great, I wasn't surprised that the salesman attempted to sell me a VPI Scout, Scoutmaster or... 
Van den Hul Frog on a VPI JMW 12.5 tonearm?
To all:Thanks to the members that responded to my recent thread.Unfortunately, I will be UNABLE to audition the combination before I make my purchase.Sure, if I HATE the combination, I can try to sell the cartridge on the 'gon but I will be reluct... 
Elrod EPS-3 or EG Epiphany Please Help
To all:I, too, have been defrauded by Scott Hall of Electra Glide.In April 2005, I returned an EG cord to Scott Hall for a SIMPLE adjustment...the mesh dislodged from the base.I had it ONE DAY and my dealer said to mail it to EG directly rather th... 
Looking for killer DVD/CD player for 2 channel
Dear Lakefrontroad:I own an Arcam 27A which I bought used on the 'Gon.It's a cd, dvd video AND dvd audio.It's awesome.Check out the reviews posted on the internet. 
Crosby and Nash Live....Another Stoney Evening
To all:I picked up a DVD-Audio copy the other day at J and R Music World in Manhattan.It sounds great. 
All About Turntables 1 Thread that answers all
Pedrillo:I agree with jay douglas and believe you should buy a good used turntable from an original owner.I own a Harmon/Kardon T60 which I bought 24 years ago.It's still sounds great.If I ever wanted to sell it, I'd have a 1000 "looks" on the 'Go... 
Dynavector or Grado ?
Dear Tpsonic:Theaquaman welcomes ALL opinions! No, it doesn't change my impressions.I have listened to VINYL for almost 30 years and for the past 23 years it has been on my beloved Harmon/Kardon, I appreciate everything that is posted.By ...