Crimping Furutech FP203R spades

Hi All,
Quick question; Have any of you crimped Furutech FP203(R) spades, what did you use for a crimping tool?
Thanks for any input, these are very nice spades, heavy duty! My Klein rachet crimpers are no match for the FP203(R) spades.

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Thanks for the quick replies.
I am going to check out the hydraulic crimper at Harbor Freight.

Use TC. For less than the cost of a crimper it will sound better even if you use ordinary pliers. Heck you could whack it with a hammer and do better as long as you get some TC in there.
Thanks MC,
What do you refer to as "TC"?
Is that a bonding enhancer or sealer?
Total Contact.. enhancer. good stuff..

I use small amounts of Nuclear Never Seize. Nickel/silver/Gl paste,
works good also.. Don't over do it..

I haven't done the hydraulic press thing (I didn't look for a tool).  I do know these FP-203 spades are impossible to crimp with normal tools.  I have always used the FP-201 spades instead.  They have screw-down clamps to hold the speaker wire, and you can still apply solder through a hole at the top.  Just make sure you use a larger 2mm tip and crank the heat up to max (like 450 degree C).  Be patient because it takes a little bit for the spade to heat up (it's a giant heat sink).