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100's of free Absolute Sound and Stereophile mags
Good luck.  I tried giving away a nearly complete set of The Absolute Sound around 15 years ago.  I believe I may have posted it here, and at the Asylum.  No takers, and I eventually trashed them.   The only thing that did sell were my copies of ... 
Changing from European to American power supply on clearaudio emotion TT
It's not so much the voltage as the frequency.  A step down transformer can address the voltage.  The frequency, not so much. This table uses an AC synchronous motor whose rotational speed is determined by the incoming AC frequency (60Hz in the U... 
What is the best solid state amplifier you have ever heard?
"Berning TF-10 preamp, Berning EA230 amp." Both of which are vacuum tube based, not solid state.  
Just discovering i/o.
Can't speak to the digital formats, but the double LPs sound very good, with excellent dynamic range.  
Is Ric Cummins still around?
You mean of Rosinante, Room Lens, and Argent Audio fame?  I still use his 'Pursang' interconnects in my system.     Alas:      
AR-XB. Is it worth a new motor?
If the motor is humming, and the motor shaft spins freely then it's likely the phase-shift capacitor/resistor assembly in need of replacement, and not the motor itself.  This is an AC synchronous motor, with the simplest of control circuitry.  I'd... 
Whats on your turntable tonight?
Muireann Bradley - I Kept These Old Blues  
Teres turntable motor problems
I'd contact Thom at Galibier; he and Chris and Peter from Redpoint worked together prototyping those early tables, and knows a lot about their design .  More than likely there's an issue with the control electronics for the motor/sensor assembly. ... 
Building a 100 album vinyl collection 3 must have albums are?
@tony1954,  You should also mention to the OP that an original, genuine pressing of Tool's "Aenima" will run at least $1000.  There are many, many bootleged versions, but very few genuine articles.    
Mazzy loves Little Feat!
@bdp24 - Great story!  Thanks for sharing.  Los Straitjackets plays in the area frequently, as Eddie Angel was born in Albany NY.  Aforementioned dive bar is in Troy NY (best chicken wings in the entire area, but I'm biased) and has a small concer... 
Mazzy loves Little Feat!
I saw Nick Lowe eating lunch with Los Straitjackets at my local dive bar last Friday.  They were en-route to Syracuse NY for a gig with Elvis Costello at the Landmark Theater the next day.  
300b lovers
Best thread on Audiogon in a long, long, long time.  Great information, and has me wishing I could attend the Seattle show.  
Speaker Cables - Long Run
"Also, consider moving your amp next to your speaker and using long interconnects to your preamp. A better sounding alternative."   I've never understood this advice.  So, sending a line level voltage (typically a volt or two at most) for 20 fee... 
Why so few devices with BNC's??
"BNC is an acronym for British Nut Connector"   Incorrect.  The acronym is for Bayonet Neill–Concelman.    
A cartridge with more bite, please and thank you
I did indeed.  Hope all is well, and happy holidays to you and yours!