Cornwall IV vs. Volti Rival, Razz; Razz v. 1, 2, 3 -- what changed?

Looking for efficient speakers. I had the opportunity to listen to a Cornwall IV yesterday. It was run on nice tubes (Primaluna 400 EL34s) with a bluesound node streamer/dac.

QUESTION: I'm curious if anyone has compared CW IV with Volti Rival of Razz. Thoughts?

QUESTION 2: Anyone know what changed in the Volti Razz when it moved from v. 2 to v. 3?


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@hilde45 "Because I am willing to spend, say $16k as the upper end of used, that means that it’s relevant, to me, to allow discussion to range widely, if that means speakers with MSRP much higher than the MSRP of the Cornwalls or Rivals but with the possibility of a used one for sale."


This is helpful to close in scope a bit more with funding potential. IIRC the older thread a while back topped out at $10k. Now we’ve bumped up from Cornwall range to $16k upper end - of used. That definitely opens a few more doors I’d think. Will be fun to read what members continue to suggest. Enjoying reading this particular thread as more speaker geeks come out from the woods and chime in more. :)


@hilde45 Not trying to push Tannoy's, and I have never owned them, but I'm intrigued by them. Why? Same reason I became a fan of Harbeth. Once you hear them the sound sticks with you (me).

I heard vintage Tannoy's - no idea what model but pretty sure the driver's were 12 or 15" monitor gold, driven by a Jadis tube amp and a streamer/Dac unit that I do not recall. This was at George Meyer repair shop in LA. The system was in the front "office" and could not have been more haphazardly set up - but the timbre of the low end was quite remarkable along with what seemed like nice detail and mid range. 


A stacked pair of tweaked/modified CWIV. Invert the top pair, as we used to do with Lg Advents, AR, Heresy, JBLs. etc. Under your budget. What a presentation !