Columbus/Central Ohio

Well I live 70 miles from Columbus and Cleveland and would love to see a club take shape. Anyone else interested?
I am planning on making my first trip to audioquest or whatever the Audio store is on High Street. Looking forward to that trip. My friend Chad may be coming too.

Looks like this thread has been quiet for some time.  Did anyone have success putting together a club.  I a decent system that I have gradually built over time. Would like to have an opportunity to hear/see other systems in action. 

Hey Boo

Anything going on these days? Other Doug is getting the new PS Audio DSD device for his Perfect wave DAC and he is wanting to arrange a session after it breaks in. He is also curious about how the Utopias sound with tube power.
I am willing to host a listing session this weekend. Give me a call 614-668-5841.
Dublin Ohio,
I didn't know there's an audio club here in C-Bus.
So what's going on fellas?
Glad to see continuing interest from some new members. I am in the Dayton area but pretty familiar with Columbus, Dublin and Westerville areas.(family/friends), also a huge Buckeye fan!
We were getting together earlier in the year. Doug (booboobear) has been the primary dude putting most of this together......he also happens to have one of the nicer setups I have seen (if only he weren't such a, I'm kidding). We got together a few times and it was a lot of fun.

Greetings fellow Buckeyes! I've been visiting this original link for years since the first entries were posted and just by sheer luck, decided to check the thread yesterday and was shocked to see there are actually others in my general area who have posted (and admitted publicly to this "hobby").

If there are gatherings, meetings, or discussion in the future, I would like to join. By the way, Jeffatus and I share a common zip code, go figure!
Some of the guys came over to listen. As soon as the summer winds down maybe we can get more sessions in.
I will be doing listening on 6/29/2012 or Friday night. This is an open invite.Let me know!
Tom 6897 if you would, leave an E-mail address so I may get you invites when someone is wanting to contact you about a get together.
Shussor, anytime after 6:00pm should be fine.If you come please bring some of that awesome classical selection of yours.
I am certainly game, but I am at a boy scouts camp overnight that night. I have this Friday open or two weeks from this coming weekend open.

This Saturday evening 6/2/12 I am planning to have an open house for listening. There is also a possibility for movie watching if there is any interest. Oron I do believe you need to get out and join the guys! Jeff of course you are invited. Vassilis hows the shelving coming along? All others on the Central Ohio Audio Group come on out!
Doug/Vas - it was a pleasure having you over today. I feel I was definitely the one who benefited the most from your knowledge, it was good fun.

Claire was asking where her uncles went and that she wanted to say good bye!

Until next time....
Hey guys, is anyone else game to coming over tomorrow (Friday)? Let me know ASAP. I live in Powell.

Vass, it was a pleasure having you over! You have great taste in music. I hope to come over and listen to you Martin Logans soon. Don't forget about Genisis Audio Wednesday night!
Jeff I have invited a couple people from the first draft of Central Ohio Audio Club. It is Saturday on the 19th of May. If you are interested my info is on the list of members.Let me know if you can and want to visit.
Ok, trying to keep things moving forward. It was funny, the other day I was thinking of why it would be cool to get together, aside from checking out some other peoples systems. I didn't come up with anything until a few days later, when I was wondering if my amp was the weak link in my system. Or if my cables were bright, etc. Well, an easy way is to A/B with another willing audiophiles stuff. I certainly don't have the time or the money to keep buying and selling equipment on Audiogon, but having a few people around that you could compare equipment to would be a huge help.

With that said, my equipment is still not broken in, but I am curious how some other systems sound. I may be able to kick the kids out over Memorial Day Weekend for a while and we could have a crack at it. All are welcome over my house in Powell. My system is insured and I have a big German Shepherd, along with lots of guns, so I am not too concerned about someone stealing my stuff. I may be the best place to start because of this. Send me an email if interested ( I will start an email string and we can plan from there.

OK guys, I have started a list. It has first names,Audiogon handles,E-mail Addresses, and general areas of each person that wishes to be involved.Also you can give a brief description of your system if you like. Anyone wanting the list can E-mail me at Also if you want to be added let me know.If you would like to be removed, let me know.
I am still game for whatever. Just let me know. My email is
perhaps all interested should meet for coffee or a drink of choice and get to know one another. We should be careful about inviting all that respond. I do know of someone personally that lost a valuable system this way.My E-mail address is and will answer any questions for security sake.
Hi Guys,

I am in the greater Dayton area. I saw this post and the offer from Ultra_fi. If a listening session is scheduled for the Cincy area with Ultra_fi I would like to attend if that is Okay... I am about forty minutes away.

I will check back in a week or so:>)
Columbus,Ohio listening club wishes to get started. My name is Doug and I'm Booboobaer on Audogon. If interested here is my home E-mail.
If you guys would like to organize a trip to listen in the Ultra Fi Studio, I'd be game for that. I'm on the Northeast of Cincy, outside the outer belt. Not much of a drive at all.
Hey guys, it sounds like fun. I am traveling but I will follow up shortly. Work had just been overwhelming this week.


I am in Pickerington just East of the 270 loop. If you and Jeffatus are interested consider yourselves and your friends invited for a listen.

I use a modified Magnepan Tympani in a triamped setup with CD and Vinyl sources and probably have one of the ugliest setups you have ever seen.

I know two more folks nearby who may have an interest

Drop me an email at
Jeffatus,I live in Gallowy,Ohio and that is in the south west side of Columbus. If you want to get started ,we can listen to each others systems. That would be a fun start. I have two other audio enthusiasts that trade listening sesions at each others houses. As a matter of fact I am going to audiokarma this weekend in Novi Michigan. Let me know if you are up for getting together some time.
I know two more folks "nearby" who may have an interest

Drop me an email at
I live in Pickerington, South East of Columbus just outside the 270 belt.

Very much interested in forming or joining an audio club

Drop me an Email - click my user name and follow the directions.

I am available for listening sessions most days noon to past midnight except for dinner time, 6-8pm.

If you don't mind my filthy cave man's man cave, just give me a warning the day before to coordinate...
I agree, there must be more out there. Progressive Audio used to be
packed every time I was there!
I am planning to setup a home Theather in my house and I am looking for an Audio Video Installation expert. I can be reached at 614 339 3231 or
I would be interested in putting together a club.
Currently living in Columbus, Clintonville, a couple of miles up from OSU- off of High St.
Was bitten by the audiophile bug about a year ago and took the plunge with some pre-owned Cambridge Audio gear, added Kimber Kable interconnects, myrtlewood blocks, Era 5 speakers, and Shunyata Venons power cables and I'm not looking back ! Upgrade-itis has recently struck and am looking at different options as far as integrated amps/ separates, sources, etc.
email is
Hi Tryrrthg,

Good to hear from you. Someone must be keeping those stores in business? In the days of home 'theatre in a box' and mp3's it is good to see retailers who can sell high end audio.

I enjoy listening to different systems,and checking out new music. Most of my collection would be considered 'classic rock' but I am very open minded about music, and also like some jazz and classical. I have a dedicated stereo room ( I believe you do as well), and prefer simple system design, two way speakers, lightwieght components, the less is more type approach. If you would like to check out my system let me know, I think it would be cool.I have seen your system and would like to hear it. I just wanted to let you know a little about me.
I live in Columbus and would be interested in a club of some sort.

There has got to be more people in central Ohio than this. Someone is keeping Progressive Audio in business!
I currently live about 30 miles south of Columbus. I am from canton Ohio and get up there from time to time. I started in the "high end" biz in 1984. Currently I am a general manager of a mass merchchant electronics retailer, and have a room dedicated to my system I would be interesred in an audio club.