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Need help buying new speaker cable
Making use of The Cable Company's inventory of used cables is the most practical way to find what works best in your setup. If you can't hear a difference in sound then just worry about how well they are constructed. Good luck.  
why do so many discussions turn contentious?
When trolls get on a discussion it really is best not to respond. I imagine that will take away their fun. 
Old Amps that can still Kick Butt
I have the Convergent Audio Technology monoblocs. They are the CAT JL1 Signature edition. They are by far the best amps I have owned. I have owned many amps through the years but nothing comes close to these amps. They were designed in 1994 and bl... 
Why are Ayon tube amps not mentioned very often?
I own a Ayon DAC and transport and it is the best equipment I have owned. An older Ayon DAC I had broke down at 12 years old. I was the 3rd owner. Service was great. Ayon amps are solid built and sound great. I currently own CAT amps. They are 200... 
Review: Convergent Audio JL-2 Tube amp
I have the good fortune of owning a pair of CAT JL1 Signature Mono block amplifiers. They are driving a pair of Sound Lab A3 electrostatic speakers. I am using a preamp by Tube Research Labs. I have been a music enthusiast ever since I was 17 year... 
Convergent Audio Technology CAT JL1 manual
Do you still have instructions? 
Class D Technology
bcgator and mapman I am with you guys all the way. I had the GT200 mono block tube amps from Tube Research Labs. They were by far the best tube amps I have ever heard. Does that make me an authority? Absolutely not. But when I replaced them with H... 
Class D Technology
H2O Audios' M250 Special Edition Mono Block AmplifiersI saw a question on the forum about Class D amplifiers. Following the question was a comment about how class D amplifiers have distortions and lack of low level detail. I am not here to debat... 
H2O Audios' M250 Special Edition Mono Block Amplifiers
Were your cables shielded? 
H2O Audios' M250 Special Edition Mono Block Amplifiers
No sir I have not had the pleasure. But the revues I have seen were pretty positive. Henry is very glad to give you and idea of what to expect. He explained the power amps to me and he was dead on. I just love them. 
New KT150 tubes?
I will. I have a lot going on in my system. Fairly new amps, new Dueland caps, different DAC, DC filter. It never stops! 
New KT150 tubes?
David12, the KT150 tubes had rediculous bloom in mid and bass. But given time that all goes away. 
New KT150 tubes?
Actually Xtil6 I have about 200 hours and they are still opening up.I have been told by Paul Weitzel that I should give them at least 500 hours to start seing what they can do. This is not unreasonable since I saw the same results with the KT 120. 
New KT150 tubes?
I have the new GT200 Monos by TRL and have put the KT150 in place of the KT120 tubes. They blow them away. Being that the tubes have such large plates it takes a lot of hours to get them to open up. They are becoming the best tubes I have ever hea... 
Entreq Silver Tellus grounding/earthing system
Miguel is a music fanatic. He has over 10,000 albums. He is crazy for music. Also a good family man. But he can be misunderstood when he talks how things work. I am an engineer and we debate about things all the time. And we do not always agree. A...