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Best Rock Album in 2013
This:"04-28-13: SynthfreekPhosphorescent...nothing else even close. IMO that "star" was born about 10 years ago with their debut album A Hundred Times Or More."He is one of the great songwriters of our time. Brilliance. Grab any of his records, al... 
Top 10 Alt-country bands
While speaking of Hiss Golden Messenger, here is another HGM project out now 
Top 10 Alt-country bands
HGM certainly would be Alt Country in my book, pretty damn pure form of it at that. Their last 2 releases, Haw and Lord I Love the Rain are right up there with Poor Moon. Give them a go if you have not already. I'd recommend the Bandcamp downloads... 
Top 10 Alt-country bands
Hiss Golden MessengerPhosphorescent 
RIP Jason Molina
From Pitchfork today:AFTERWORDJason MolinaRemembering the late Midwestern singer/songwriter and leader of Songs: Ohia and Magnolia Electric Co., who passed away last weekend at age 39.By Stephen M. Deusner , March 19, 2013 “It is slow going, but i... 
What country still has music?
Ok, sorry if that sounded harsh, you know I love you guys. It's just that it does just sound like "Oh those crazy kids and their rock music..." I mean...exactly like that. Hasn't that been said by every older generation about the youths music rega... 
What country still has music?
This thread reads like a discussion in a nursing home lounge (from any era), likely a US nursing home. Now go take your medication, hopefully something to keep you regular, and have a nap. 
Spectral DMA 360 series 1 vs. DMA 250
Let's start with the best news of can't screw this up! Even if you get a ton of bad advice, misinformation and that sort of thing (what I am likely to say, for example!) just can't screw this up. Either way you go you will have wic... 
Les Fleurs by Marsen Jules
Ha!!!Should read: Kompakt Pop Ambient 2013Man o man..... 
Les Fleurs by Marsen Jules
Good ear.He also records as krill.minima and ironically has a new release this week. This is his more dub techno moniker vs the stuff he releases under his name a little more to the ambient side. You can sample the new one here: 
Spectral DMA 400 Mono Blocks?
I'd consider selling my 360S2's but like Ack they won't be cheap. More likely to take a package with my cables (Oracle Matrix SHD120 + MA-X). 
Best Rock Albums of 2012
There are many but off the top of my head....Goats "World Music" 
Do powercords make a difference in sound?
Tbg: So very well stated, sir. I echo your comments. I am amazed at how complicated some guys make this process. I've been marveling at that AC outlet experiment thread going on, for example. This is such a simple issue....get an appropriate audio... 
"NEWEST'" Favorite album
Ok,'re crazy. 
Anyone listen to Alva.Noto + Ryuichi Sakamoto?
I have a couple recommendations for fans of the Alva Noto + Sakamoto series...Szymon Kaliski "From Scattered Accidents"Beautiful piece of ambient/modern classical, extremely mature for a first LP. This on the Kitchen Label, most of which is pretty...