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Can I cut a longer RCA run to two shorter ones?
flutters,Virtual Dynamics used a form of damping in their cables.  In some instances, it was a form of aggregate that was inside a tube through which the wires passed.  You can go to YouTube to get an idea of some of what Rick did.  I know this be... 
Looking for a power cable upgrade
I invite you to try our power cords:http://ultraficables.blogspot.com/p/the-power-cord-was-first-continuous.htmlhttp://ultraficables.blogspot.com/p/basic-power-cords.htmlFollowing is a review:http://ultraficables.blogspot.com/p/reviews.html 
Upgrading coupling caps - which ones first?
I concur the furtherest up the signal chain.That in itself isn't much help though.  Perhaps, think of it like this: the capacitor is a bell and music signal is a hammer.  The further up the chain the smaller the hammer and the less the bell will r... 
RCA to 3.5 mm ??
I tried a BUNCH of different things. I found the greatest gratification when faced with a 3.5mm to RCA connection to use standard RCA interconnects and then the Mapleshade 3.5 to RCA pair adapter. It is cryo treated and looks ordinary but sounds n... 
Review: Ultra Fi Continuous Contact Damping Cables Power cord
your = you areDarn auto speller.... 
Review: Ultra Fi Continuous Contact Damping Cables Power cord
Thanks for the review Istanbul, so glad your enjoying the cables. 
Magnet Wire Question
This is really bad advice.NEVER use a drill to twist wires together. If you do, you'll majorly mess with the structure of the wire material and spoil the sound. 
Carngie Acoustics
Wzakaras,My understanding is that Danny Ritchie at GR Research did some design work, e.g., crossover, etc., for Carnegie Acoustics. Carnegie Acoustics did a few shows, but as to their current state I'm not sure.My sense would be to give Danny a ca... 
The Ultra Fi Aubisque Filter
Thanks for the thoughtful and through review!It's obvious you really enjoy music and I'm glad that the Aubisque USB Filter allows you to enjoy your music even more so - after all, that's what this all about...I would however like to point out that... 
Review: Ultra Fi Ultra Fi Abisque USB Filter DA converter
Ed,Thanks for the the kind words and well written review. I'm glad you're able to enjoy your system even more - now that you're using the Aubisque USB Filter.I would like to make one spelling correction and point out an additional bit of informati... 
Morrow, Oh
I'm just down the road in Loveland.LDM 
Owens Corning 703
Pop,Your designer is on the right track. However, what you describe results in an absorber, not a diffusor. And, it will be a pretty big one at that. Moreover, it will not likely work at very low frequencies since it is only 1" thick and it is pla... 
Mac mini to dac
Take look at the OS X guide on my website. It tells you how to select the DAC in System Preferences.www.ultrafi.bizLDM 
Columbus/Central Ohio
If you guys would like to organize a trip to listen in the Ultra Fi Studio, I'd be game for that. I'm on the Northeast of Cincy, outside the outer belt. Not much of a drive at all. 
2011 Mac Mini - Is SSD worth it?
My rationale is as follows. An SSD consumes considerably less power than a mechanical drive. In fact, in some instances it has been specified that an SSD consumes about 17% of the power that a mechanical drives does. Moreover, there isn't the big ...