Clean power and it's affect on sound quality

Been reading quite a bit about how clean power can affect sound quality by segregating the system from the dirty grid with power conditioners, high-end power cables, isolators, and even off-grid battery-powered systems.

I've noticed some changes in sound quality with regards to better power supply, especially with regards to the older house I was in vs. the newly built house I'm in now. The older home had a warmer tone due to 50 years of copper wiring being burned in. My new house is brighter because the copper wiring hasn't been burned in yet.

But one thing I also noticed is that when I recently changed the batteries in my remote controls from your typical Duracell batteries to the solar-rechargeable batteries I use now. The sound quality really improved. Dynamics were improved across the board, tonality was warmer...more golden, like a sunset vs. mid-day bright. The soundstage opened up as well with more airiness and clarity to the instrumentation regardless of my media source. I highly recommend using solar-rechargeable batteries for your remotes vs the standard OEC batteries that came with the remote. I think you'll notice a vast improvement in sound quality - being cleaner and warmer. 


How about vibration isolators for the remote control, couldn't that help sound quality as well?


Sorry couldn't resist...😝

I thought this was a serious post, but if you aren't washing your batteries and speakers in Dawn every three months are you really even trying?

I built a AC current scrubber. I took a wire brush and braised it to my mains one for the positive and one for the common. Then I put them both together and attach them with hose clamps to some simple household vibrators. The scrubbing action has made The power feel so clean you can smell it in the air. If you have these things at home have a couple beers and hook it all up. It’s amazing the difference it’ll make in your system. Your mind will be so blown make sure that you have access to 911 to clean up the mess ! Enjoy 


If you shop around you can find solar batteries with much higher capacity than the originals.  I've found these to have much less blooming in the midrange.

I also prefer the sound of older wiring, especially when using fuses vs circuit breakers.  I remember back when I used to enjoy "mending those fuses".  I was 64 at the time.