Black Pumas On Tour Now

I liked their first album and that one big song, but I wasn't planning on paying over 300 hundred a seat for the local shows. My wife, who is more of a fan, found mezzanine seats (good ones) for a hunnert per (it's Texas, baby) at ACL Moody and these guys put on one hell of a show. I think they may have even practiced. 

The front man is a really good soul singer, can actually play guitar really well, has all the moves, and even did the classic old school punk dive into the mosh pit- probably a 10 foot leap. The guitarist had these great psych fills- we've heard him back up other bands and he's not exactly Eddie Hazel, but it has that vibe + Sly Stone. Killer rhythm section, back up singers who had good voices, and of course, the acoustics at Moody ACL (there are a bunch of Moody named venues here but this is the one where they film "Austin City Limits") are top notch and they spare no expense to do it at a very high level.

So, the punchline is-- this is a really good show, yeah, these guys have been hyped, and the first album kept being reissued as a "special edition" but they are back, with a new album and a tour. Worth seeking out in my estimation. When was the last time you heard a soul act that had power, and kicked ass?


A great many people HAVE heard of them and there is a real buzz about them - good for them...

Should be a good time. I did see them when the first hit it in Austin. Will be seeing them at the Ryman Theater in Nashville in April, love it when I can loop it into a business trip and expense it as entertainment. 

They have some great music , no doubt...   but $300 a seat ?   I'll pass


They are wonderful but I don’t care for the way they’ve recently "updated" their sound, presumable to be more commercially appealing. Even if I could afford to see them live, I wouldn't, at this point. 

When I want a shot of what they do so well, I always return here:

How I wish they’d made this show available on CD!


@oddiofyl- Hey, we know each other from SHF. 

As noted, my wife found good seats for 1/3 the price.

And of course, there's the balcony. 

Don't want to leave the impression that all the tickets are so costly. 


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