Between a Node 2i and DAC: Does Coax cable quality really matter?

I am seeking a little upgrade help.

I use a simple DH Labs coax/SPDIF cable to a Chord Qutest.Sounds ok to me.
Would I possible hear a SQ improvement if the coax cable was "upgraded"?

if so, to what?
I have a Node 2i, and recently upgraded the coax SPDIF cable and there certainly was an improvement to my ears. I went from a budget Blue Jeans Cable to a Kimber D60. You’re starting from a higher plateau, but the question was will I hear a difference in SQ- you will, but you may have to try a few to find what suits you. In my case the brighter, more detailed D60 was complementary to my warmish system.
Rarerace, I learned that ver.2 has improved noise reduction so I'm going to contact iFi.

@lowrider57 My Gen 2 has no issues. Why not order it and compare with your Gen 1? I agree with you it gets better with a LPS.
rarerace, I’m curious. I’ll take a look at the website.
One flaw with the 1st generation was that the unit kept falling off the Dac RCA input. Finally customer service sent me another replacement and said they were sure this one would fit.

I have chord Qutest so jitter not much of issue.
I used iFi on older DAC and thought it was a subtle improvement.
Without a LPS you don't get the full benefit of the iPurifier. I tried it both ways, the wall-wart had no balls.

@lowrider57  I’ve never tried the first generation. Only have the Purifier 2.
I have chord Qutest so jitter not much of issue.
I used iFi on older DAC and thought it was a subtle improvement.

may look at new coax...why not, right...?
@rareace, the iFi does improve the SQ in several ways, music has more weight, wider deeper soundstage, more dynamic. I'm also using a Swagman Labs LPS.

What's the difference between  iPurifier2 and the first generation?

Yes better cable helps but the bigger difference for me was adding the iFi SPDIF iPurifier 2. Amazon carries it so risk free trial.
Changing to a good coax made a big difference for me. Using AP Crystal digital solo. More clarity, better bass.

+1, fuzztone.
The only way to know by trying couple of cables in your setup. I say this, DH Labs makes very good digital cables. Here are couple of recommendations,

I can send you the AE Digital Coax for you to try. If interested, PM me your address. 
Yes, you will hear a difference between cables. Nobody can say for sure if there will be an improvement. If you feel an upgrade is in order then audition other digital coax. Order from dealers who offer a trial period. 

I auditioned quite a few S/PDIF cables, also returned a few. Finally I found a cable that significantly improved my digital setup.

Yes they make a difference. I’m using a Nordost Silver Shadow which works very well. Most of my system is WyWires so I’m curious how Alex’s Platinum cable compares. Keep looking for a used one to pop up but they don’t.