best speakers for Ayre amps ?

hi, ayre amps owners, which associated speakers are best in your experience ?
I think ProAc speakers are a great match for Ayre amps. But then again, I've never listened to an Ayre on any system and been disappointed. :)
Vandersteen. The 3a Signatures grace Ayre's soundroom and match their equipment wonderfully.
One of Ayre's primary goals is to not disturb the phase and time issues going through their electronics( by eliminating feedback.)It would makes sense that a time and phase correct speaker complete the picture.
I'm sure other speakers will also work well.
I personally use the 3a Signatures with a V5xe, Aesthetix Calypso preamp and Audioquest wire throughout. It makes music and to me, that's what it is all about.
I would try Ayon Audio, Kharma and Avalon. All use ceramique tweeters etc. and are very revealing and smooth sounding if paired with an adequate amp. I drove my Ayon Audio Seagul ceramique with an AX-7 (great combination).
I demoed an Ayre V5x with some VSM-MM's,and it was a great combo,very layered and transparent,excellent,Bob
I have a V3 driving a pair of Genesis Technologies 501's and could not be happier. The V3 has such sweet mids and highs that are complemented well by the tight well integrated bass of the Genesis. A match made in heaven. Also, the fact that the Genesis are very adjustable minimizes room configuration problems. Notice I said minimizes...doesn't eliminate.
I run the V-5x with Revel Studios and an ARC LS-16 MK 2 preamp.CDP is a cary 306-100.
Sounds pretty musical. I demoed a couple of other amps that did not do the Revels justice. The Ayre is one smooth amp.
Just got a brandnew Ayre V-5xe power amp - together with my Ayon Audio Seagull Ceramique it´s fantastic. Also a very good match are the Avalon Ascendant (which I recently borrowed from a friend). Important with Ayre - as I found out - is cabeling. I use Shunyata Phoenix as speaker cables with very good results (better than TaraLabs, Magnan, Cardas and Transparent). As power cord I use Electraglide Ultra Khan Statement II Revised with great results.
I would agree with Bigtee in every respect except one. I think the Audioquest kills the sound. I had AQ Cheetah 36V DBS hooked up for quite a few months and thought many other cables were better including Transparent, Synergistic Research, SignalCable, etc. The Audioquest just sounded very compressed to me. Transparent and Synergistic Research had much better bass and soundstage.
I haven't heard them paired myself, but, many seem to like Ayre with Thiels.
I have heard the Ayre V-5X with the Thiels. They were quite good. Theils are very picky about the power source that is pushing them, but I've heard them with Ayre, Levinson, and Boulder amps and they sound amazing. I've also heard them paired with a Bryston amp and thought it left a lot to be desired in comparison. Just my opinion.
Totem uses Ayre amps (and a few others) to voice their speakers and demonstrate at shows.
meanwhile I shifted from V-5xe to V-1xe and from Ayon Audio to Avalon Opus Ceramique. Both systems are great. The latter one a clear step above the previous. Ayre with ayon and Avalon works excellent.
I've got spend time with several models of both Thiel and Totem speakers in all Ayre systems and with VTL preamps and Ayre amps. Both were very nice.
I have Ayre V1xe with Vandersteen 5A's Can't get much better than the sound I hear. I am a professional musician and am very happy.
I have an Ayre AX7e that is driving a new pair of Wilson Audio Sophia Series II loudspeakers very well. I will followup when I have spent more time with the combination.
Got to hear the Ayre K-1xe/MX-Rs with the Vandersteen Quatros yesterday....WOW!!
I read that Ayre is using the new Thiel 3.7's at the CES show in two weeks with the MX-R monoblocks.