Best Moments in Audio; the "System Switch"

Ever gone 180 degrees the opposite direction? Gone from tubes to ss, while changing the speakers, amp, and preamp? Gone from Planars back to boxes and changed all the equipment too?

That's what's happening in my world. Complete switch, from 8 chanels of amps driving "stacked" Eminent Technology LFT-8A's, to an utterly simple two chanel, stereo amp and Chapman T-7 (my newly ordered T-77's are being built) speakers.

Went from Rogue Audio tube pre back to solid state, with the PS Audio PCA-2. and from the aforesaid 8 channels of Outlaw Audio amps (200wpc) to a simple 150w x2 in the PS Audio HCA-2.

The only thing that's stayed the same are the cables and interconnects; Harmonic Technology Pro-9's and Magic Links, respectively.

This is the second time in 20 years I've had opportunity to sell off everything in the two channel system, and reapproach/start from scratch.

SCARY but fun! I believe I'll end up with just as involving and dynamic a system as I had before. Will I like it better? I'm pretty sure I will, but not absolutely sure. That's having BIG fun with audio equipment!

And the sound? Well, right now I have three classy speakers in my HT to switch around and listen to. There is absolutely a joy in having multiple components to play with.

One of the best moments is to hook up a pair of speakers and critically listen for a while. Then switch to another pair and judge them for their attributes, the whole time knowing that you can KEEP them because they aren't borrowed!

I'm in my glory when I can muck around with the amp, the preamp, change some cables here, put different speakers there...

Yes, I'm as much a tweaker as a listener, but that's at least half the fun for me. The assemblage of the next breakthrough system is exciting for me.

The other night, I did extended listening to a pair of speakers that two weeks ago I thought were harsh and unforgiving on the high end. Now, with cable and Pre/Amp switchout, they are much better. In fact, they're putting me to sleep when I listen! Who'd a thought!?

Then, after several weeks of intense selling, packaging, receiving components there is a wonderful let down, a calming where one just sits and soaks up the new system, glorying in its richness. Very sweet. I know it may not be the last sytem I ever own, but it's the best I've ever owned. And it sounds wonderful...

What's your best moment in audio.
not 180 degree but to the certain point:
1. eliminated Audio Research PH3 phono, McCormack Micro Line drive preamp and got Sunfire SRP instead.

2. for hot summer got Sunfire SRA(realy the best SS amp for the money $700 nib) while during winter have my speakers biamplified with VTL MB100 on the top. Still looking to sell those monos(not cheap though since I still prefere my biamped system).

3. rapidly sold all high-cost wires and replaced with generic pro-grade ones as they made zero to no improvement.

Hence got back more than a couple of grand and upgraded sound up a lot.
But then that's what hobbies R 4.

Enjoy and let us know how it all turns out.


you sound alot like me,for me alot of the fun in this hobby is the act of acquiring the gear & getting the rig together,i get a cheap thrill every time i see that ups man bringing me some new goodies in his little brown suit.

what can i say im a sucker for a uniform as long as im gettin a new amp!

My best moment was one of my first, picking out my first system. I didn't really like any speakers I heard, until I heard the Spica TC50s. It was instantly obvious that they were WAY better than anything else I had heard short of Apogees.

The salesman was funny, too. After checking out all the shops near me, I called this one obscure shop kinda far from me, told him I had picked out a Dual/Nakamichi/Harmon Kardon/B&W system (expecting him to be impressed). Instead, he told me they considered that mass market stuff, they sold the real elite equipment. What a lot of nerve, I thought. He had to be either a total idiot, or the real deal. Turned out he was the latter.
I have now completed a good portion of the "system switch" and am running PS Audio gear with the Chapman Audio T-7's. Eventually, I will acquire a pair of Chapman T-77's, their flagship speaker. I am quite enjoying the increased imaging. And the digital amps are quite good! For the life of me, I can't see going back to conventional amplification (ss) after hearing what these do - and they weigh only a third of my previous amps! They have incredible grip on the low end, much better definition in the bass than any other ss amp I've used.
The Chapmans are quite special; gorgeous mid/highs. They give up a bit in the soundstage to the Eminent Technologies, but make up for it in imaging. I have new pics posted, but realized that setting on camera was bad, so will re-post.
I recently went from a system using solid-state Spectral preamp and amp driving full-range Martin-Logan CLS electrostatic speakers to a system using tubed Wright Sound WPL20 preamp and Music Reference RM200 amp driving Wilson WP7 dynamic speakers. Despite having enjoyed some permutation of the former for 15 years, I vastly prefer the latter system in every respect.
During the last 6 weeks I have gone from:
Rotel 981 amp
Rotel 995 pre
Ohm Micro Walsh Talls
NAD 7225PE receiver as tuner
Dynaco CDP-1 tube CDP
various cables


Levinson ML-9 amp
Conrad Johnson PV10aL pre
Vandersteen 1C (tan cloth)
Proton 440 tuner
CDP remains
Blue Jeans Cable 1505f throughout and MAS Silver for CDP-pre.

Talk about changing everything around.
Love the results. Clean mids and a beautifully defined bottom end. Great imaging and depth.