BEHOLD - digital gear from Germany

So has anyone had the opportunity to listen to the digital preamp and amp. combination from Behold? They've been getting a lot of traction at Stereotimes and a few honorable mentions on Soundstage!
If you've heard it: how does it compare to the other digital offerings available, or for that matter, how does compare to all the long-standing analog products on the market??
C'mon people - isn't this the place where all the self-proclaimed audiophiles and experts spend all their leisure time looking for the chance to show the rest of the world how knowledgeable they are!?
So far 150 people have looked at this thread and not one of you has seen or heard of BEHOLD!?! I'm sure someone has listened to, or heard of, these products and has some impression of them...or at least an opinion.
Perhaps it's just not controversial enough...

Have you heard the equipment? If not, why. I certainly don't claim to be a audio guru but, I have never heard of Behold until I read your post and looked them up on the internet.

I doubt the reason that you haven't got any responses yet is because it is not controversial enough. I see threads all the time with no controversy that have tons of responses. The reason is most likely lack of knowledge. And looking at the pricing, I would assume their market is pretty limited.
From what I heard from Stereo Times' publisher Clement Perry, the Behold gear is in a class by itself. He said something about the incredible density/solidity of the instrumental images and possibly taking out a second mortage to buy the review samples. At the stratospheric price of admission, few people can afford the Behold gear. I mean, how many folks here have a spare $100k lying around for the preamp and a pair of amps??? I know I don't!
C'mon people - isn't this the place where all the self-proclaimed audiophiles and experts spend all their leisure time looking for the chance to show the rest of the world how knowledgeable they are!? that's gonna attract even *more replies.
Plato - agreed on the price, that's steep admission. But nonetheless, I'm simply curious to know if anyone, other than a reviewer, has heard it.

Ultimately, I tend to put more value on what private individuals have to say about a product than what various publications have to say.

I'm surprised that apparently so few people have heard of the name, given the publicity they've been receiving. I would have thought that given it's digital design, there would at least be some opinions..
publicity?....Google turns up very little? Also, where in North/South America are their dealers?...BEHOLD USA lists no dealer network at all....hardly surprising that no one has jumped in with much input?

Dave - From my Google search, I see a review and numerous comments from coverage of various shows from Stereotimes, 6moons and Soundstage spanning the last couple of years.
So you don't know the stuff, then my question still stands: Given that they have been at all(or at least most) of the major shows over the past couple of years, has anyone actually seen or heard these products? Has anyone seen the reviews/comments I mention above and if you have, do you have any thoughts??
Bigjob, you have to hear it for yourself. It wasn't for me. Go to the next show and give us a report. I know you can afford the 100K, I mean with your bigjob and all.
Jjmali - ya so...why wasn't it for you? Did you REALLY hear it or were you just "passing by" and thought you'd throw in your own gratuitous potshot?

It's unfortunate that in order to get you guys to come up with ANYTHING, I had to resort to taking my own potshot. Obviously I hit a "collective nerve" with my diatribe, but as NOT ONE OF YOU has come up with a single constructive comment, I don't regret it for one moment.

So let 'er rip girls!! I'm gone - have a Great Christmas and New Years !!!
The question has beeen asked of you twice now. "Have you heard the equipment?" You are still ignoring it for some reason. Why? Are you a dealer of Behold trying to get some pub? Or maybe you work for Behold. It really doesn't seem like you are wanting opinions on the equipment. You are just here stirring up the pot.
Hey B-job, why are you trying to stir up interest for this product? Are you a dealer?
At 100k, its not surprising that no-one has a real world opinion. I'm told the pre sounds great with those WAVAC 350K monoblocks, driving the top of line VSA speakers. What's 1/2 million USD, when you can have "incredible density/solidity of the instrumental images" ;~)
This seems to be the right time to chime in. My company, Laufer Teknik, recently became the US Distributor for Behold (their first distributor in the United States)(my personal feedback is available under my personal moniker which is “slaufer.”) We anticipate establishing a dealer network in the United States and Canada in 2007 (we have no dealers at present and, to my knowledge, I know no one in this thread). In the meantime, we have established a dedicated listening environment in Brooklyn, New York where you can audition, by appointment, the full line of Behold equipment including our new room correction system and digital crossover which are available as a module which may be included as one of fourteen optional modules in our preamplifier (called the “APU” or “Audio Processing Unit”)(see The Behold gear is being shown with the complete range of Ascendo loudspeakers including the System M, which was recently reviewed by Jonathan Valin in the Absolute Sound. Laufer Teknik became the new US Distributor for Ascendo a few weeks ago (we will be issuing a press release shortly). The Behold products are expensive; however, the design, technology, and build quality are, in our opinion, without peer. We welcome your taking the time to listen to these superlative products. Our showroom is located in a lovely brownstone from the mid 1800s in the heart of Brooklyn Heights, just a quick drive or a single subway stop outside of Manhattan.

Happy listening,

Sam Laufer

How convenient. The mfg just *happens to show up after an overly rude member berates and belittles other members...even before a single member answered.

as far as I am concerned...coming to Audiogon to ask about the sound of a particular piece of gear sounds is fine.


asking about ANY piece of gear with high five figure price tags is absolutely ludicrous.

If you can afford gear like that...then you should easily be able to afford yourself the luxury of getting off your ass and going to listen for yourself...even if that involves flying to Germany if necessary.
I read your post. Did bobbyp help you with the promotional work?

Just curious.
ALL product is better than OTHER product. NOTHING is overpriced. EVERYTHING will be a classic. YOU cannot overspend on digtal gear. YOU will find pass the koolaid
I think B-Job's name speaks for itself. Is it B-job or BJ or what? I agree, if I had the money to afford this stuff, why not fly to Germany and hear it first hand. In my book if I can afford this stuff it will be on already reputable products, not something some BJ starts a troll-post for where the manaufacturer conveniently chimes in on.
Wow, how transparent can you get? I would have respect for a distributor that just posts a thread that they have recently acquired a product line, the first in the US, and if anyone has questions see the website or call. I guess it really doesn't matter if I have respect for these guys because I can't fathom every being able to afford anything from this manufacturer.
Since when did the environment become so hostile at Audiogon? I've never used Audiogon to actively plug our products. And if did, what would be the problem with that. Don't companies need to sell their products to survive? Bigjob's thread asked whether anyone had heard Behold's products. The fact is that no one in the United States owns any Behold product as we have just entered the market here. Since this was the first thread ever mentioning Behold, I thought it was an appropriate time to introduce myself. Opportunistic, transparent? Call it what you may, but my post was merely intended make people aware that the system is available to listen to. I had thought Audiogon was a community for like-minded enthusiasts to share experiences and information not a place for vitriol and vilification. Commercial members of this site are largely made up of enthusiasts as well who got into the business because of their love this hobby. People who are new to this hobby are going to read threads like this and not want to participate in what should be an embracing welcoming dialog for fear of being thrashed. That's a shame.

If you and Bigjob are not in colusion in this thread, I think you made a poor choice posting on this thread. You should have just started a new thread letting us know you are the US distributor. Step back and look at the thread as a typical member. You will see it looks very fishy. I don't begrudge anyone from making a living. Good luck with your new line.
Like other manufacturers do you should have simply placed an ad with pictures and the whole nine yards. Pay the $6 and list a legitimate ad. The forums are generally reserved for discussions on people's experiences with audio gear and to seek opinions from people who have heard gear. It is not a place to have ads. No one means harm here, but when B-job starts attacking members the way he did right off the bat, then you "conveniently" chime in, it should be no wonder why people are taking offense to these shenanigans. This should be obvious.
Thanks for your input Eldarado. You may be right. At 12:30am we often jump before thinking too much. For whatever it's worth, I have no idea who Bigjob or anyone else on this thread is. From now on I'll keep my distance from posting on this forum. Thanks.

Since when did the environment become so hostile at Audiogon?

Doesn't appear to be any more hostile than other times when threads of this sort come up.

I've never used Audiogon to actively plug our products.

Sure you just did two days this thread.

And if did, what would be the problem with that.

Is it becoming apparent yet?

We'll skip some of your other comments for times sake.

but I did like this one...

People who are new to this hobby are going to read threads like this and not want to participate in what should be an embracing welcoming dialog for fear of being thrashed. That's a shame.

Actually...people will read threads like this and will then get a good lesson on how to read between the lines here at Agon and will see an excellent example of how dealers/manufacturers can actually hurt their potential business when jumping into a thread solely for "damage control" purposes.
just heard the behold amp and preamp a couple of days ago , at a reviewer's place in nyc, and all i could say was :wow!!!

really terrific stuff. very expensive, but , i, personally ,never heard music and sound rendered in such a way! very ,very impressive stuff!
This is a ridiculous thread. Not the initial inquiry but the followup postings. I have twice heard the Behold equipment now at the RMAF and THE Show. All can really say is that in both cases the room had one of the best, if not the best, sounds at the shows.

I doubt if I would take the jump into and entire digital to the amp system as I love vinyl, but there is little denying that all digital can sound excellent. Also the costs of this system are beyond where I am willing to spend.

I initially went to the Behold suite as Laufer Teknik is also the importer of the Halcyonics. These too are quite expensive active isolation devices. In this case I will adamantly say that nothing else even approaches what they do under sources, such as turntables and cd players, as well as under amps. I dearly wish that I could have them under everything in my system.

Manufacturers are permitted to post on Audiogon and fortunately so. Some who have been critical of this thread live in glass houses in terms of their own self interests. The price of European goods is high today because of the weak dollar, but that should not preclude discussions of quality components. All I would strongly suggest is that those who cannot conceive of buying these components realize that some can and may want to share their experiences.
i couldn't agree more with tbg... dealers and importers play a vital role in this hobby, and as long as they disclose ,upfront ,their position and profession, i'd welcome their feedback.

isn't it what it's all about? sharing opinions and experiences? c'mon people ,can't we all just get along?
I also agree with Ozy, "as long as they disclose, upfront, their position and profession, i'd welcome their feedback"