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Upgrade Amp or Preamp 1st? Conrad Johnson?
Both would make a difference, but unless your amp is a poor match with your speaker, I would start with a very good 2 channel preamp (I like the tube idea).Just make sure that the new preamp doesn't have mismatched gain with your present amp.Dave 
Seeking thoughts on Apogee Caliber Ribbon speakers
Good advice above, I have owned Apogee speakers for years (Centaur, Centaur minor, MiniGrands, Duetta Signatures)....they all needed good amps, with lots of grunt power. I still own a pair of Duetta Signatures and a pair of Stage....although one o... 
Recordings with BASS
A guy I know has dual Eminent Technology Thigpen Rotary subwoofers.......he asked for a bass disc suggestion, and I turned him on to the disc I mentioned above... "Archetribe / Earthtones"A couple of years later, he's still in love with the Disc!Dave 
Recordings with BASS
If you are looking for good bass tone "Pat Metheny / Charlie Haden | Beyond the Missouri Sky"If your looking for deep bass...."Archetribe / Earthtones"Amazon has both of these great cd's and I've used them for years as subwoofer setup tools. Dave 
Jumper Question
You may want to pull the speakers, and try to play them on their own (at very low power of course). If they make no sound, then they are blown? If they play......then check the wiring and crossovers for problems as you will know the drivers are ok... 
Jumper Question
I'm guessing that the switch is for the rear tweeter.....but the jumpers should go like this: 
Jumper Question
Red to red, black to black............or, + to +, and - to -Dave 
Projector question
AvgoroundI could not read the whole owners thread, it's very long. All I read was the last few pages and didn't like what I read.That said, I understand that this is a $5,000 I'm not surprised anyone would point out that it is bett... 
Projector question
I just read "The official JVC DLA-HD350 owners thread" (the last few pages anyway) at the AVSforum.....I wouldn't invest in that projector at any price, yikes!Do a search at the AVSforum before you buy.Dave 
Receiver with assignable amp to power subwoofer
Not a lot of passive subs out there in this day and age.....just do as Chadnliz says and buy an amp.Dave 
Rogue Audio Cronus .... reverse polarity ?
My Rogue 120's do not invert phase.....don't know about your product (but I doubt it)............probably the recording.Dave 
Projector question
I bought the Epson 8350 a few months back to replace my old Infocus X-1 projector....I'm very happy with the Epson.I paid $1,199 for mine. (Visual online dealer)You do need to do some reading at the sites mentioned above before you buy,... 
How does the drum kit sound on your rig?
First, I would "never, ever" want to listen to a real drum set in my living room....I have a friend who has a large setup in his basement.......yikes!That said, My system reproduces drums very well......but scaled down to the volume levels I liste... 
Separate volume controls for left & right channels
I had them on my Audioprism Mantissa preamp, but they were stepped and clearly no problem at all for me.I liked the option on that preamp because I could turn one speaker off when doing testing.....and I did use them as a balance cont... 
Sound stage, front, middle, or behind your speaker
Well, I have dipoles and my sound stage is either a little forward of....or, in line with the speaker plane......depending on which of my last two preamps I used.My Audioprism Mantissa (tubed) placed the forward part of the sound stage in line wit...