Austin Texas area Audio folks?

Hello all! Looking to meet other members from the Austin Texas area.
If you were really from Austin your question would have begun, "Hello y'all."

But, yes, I'm in Austin, moved back here recently after 25 years in Seattle.
Me too. Been coming here for several years during the winter, finally settled here. Am in town. Love it! 
bill hart
You Austinites are fortunate to be in the same town as Ryhtmik Audio, maker of one of the best lines of subs available. You can acquire them without paying for shipping!
getfrog, whart, and others the best way to connect with many local Austin Audiophiles is through two Facebook groups these days.  One is a private group called 5one2Audio and the other is the Austin Audio Society.  Not all Austin audiophiles are members of them, but they are an easy way to get connected to the scene.

Feel free to email me scottoliverf at gmail and I can add you to the 5one2 group

Look forward to meeting you guys soon

Soliver, we have a group called "Austin Audiophiles" on Facebook too.
I will look for the other groups on FB as well!!
I live in San Antonio. I am looking for an Akia GX 635d tape deck that is in good condition. I have several tapes dating back to 1969.  Help!!!

210 275-7089
The Austin Audio Society meets monthly. You can join the conversation and receive meeting information at

This seems like an appropriate post to introduce Hometunes. We are a new retail store in Austin Texas dedicated to high-end audio. Our listening room features offerings from Wilson Audio, Burmester, Dan D’Agastino, Martin Logan’s Masterpiece Line, Kubala-Sosna, Dynaudio, Audioquest, Vertere, and Artnovion for your evaluation and audition. We are also dealers for Simaudio, Octave, Clearaudio, JL Audio, Bryston, Audioquest, and Vertere. Please feel free to reach out and set up a time to come listen in our room which was acoustically designed and built from raw space. You may schedule time to come by and listen in a no pressure environment through the Facebook page or website by filling out our contact form.

I recently moved to Austin and I'm dying to hear what I know must be some amazing systems here.

I lived in Dallas for a while and was spoiled by Albert Porter's weekly listening sessions.
@lordcloud - any friend of Albert’s....
You are welcome to get in touch with me. I relocated permanently to Austin early last year after about 5 years of shuttling back and forth between NY and Texas. I’m not much for audiophile spectaculars, but have a considerable pile of rare early post psych, prog, and some offbeat jazz records. You can find me on the web under my name, Bill Hart--and the search terms NYC copyright lawyer. There is a link to my regular email address there. Welcome to Austin! Where are you living?
Nine months without a post.  I just could not let it die.  Hopefully see some Austinites in Colorado this coming weekend.  

I am located in north Austin.  It seems like the right time for an audio meet!  Anyone interested?