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Benchmark AHB2 Power Cable Upgrade
I've tried a number of power cords on my AHB2's, and nothing has been consistently better.  Different, yes. But nothing actually better.  I also have a pair of Atma-Sphere M60s that I use the Benchmark power cords on. They're just really good, n... 
DCS Bartok APEX or LINA and master clock
As far as I’ve read, the Lina isn’t a stripped down Bartok. It seems to be an improvement over the non Apex Bartok. Likely not an improvement over the Apex though. But I'm not sure.  
Holo Audio May DAC
@jcarcopo can you talk about the differences between the Benchmark dac's sound (said to be extremely neutral and resolving) versus the May (said to be natural, sweeter, and resolving)? 
Benchmark Preamps and Amp - For real?
@dr_joe  I'm very anxious to hear your opinion on the comparison.I have a pair of AHB2'S, with a Tortuga Audio LDR passive preamp in front of them, and I'm really wanting to get the LA4.I would love to hear how it sounds versus the Boulder, in you... 
I need advice for power cords
I can't recommend Zu Audio Event high enough. I currently use the MK 1 versions and I love them. Beautifully made, very high quality, and incredible value. I have one on everything in my system.I plan on trying the Mk 2 version, when I can find on... 
Tempo Electric 4N Silver Speaker Cables
My speakers are Tempo Electric EP1's that, instead of having binding posts, have silver wire coming out of the crossovers. Since I had him build my speakers this way, there's no way for me to say that binding posts and copper wire would be better ... 
Lightspeed Attenuator - Best Preamp Ever?
Has anyone made a balanced version? Is it possible to purchase a balanced version?  
MHDT or Border Patrol
Tubes matter when it comes to (my) MHDT Labs Pagoda dac.It pays off to do something investigating into the tube(s) that matches what you're looking for. I've tried numerous tubes in my Pagoda, but the best by a large margin are the Reflektor '75 6... 
Jay's Audio CDT2-MK2
The way you worded it..........it seemed odd, so I questioned it. Thanks for clearing it up.  
Jay's Audio CDT2-MK2
I can understand preferring a color for your equipment. I tend to prefer black myself, though I also like silver.But to insinuate that the color black itself is somehow problematic (which is what you're doing when you say "the color (black) of the... 
Jay's Audio CDT2-MK2
What do you mean "the color of the unit has nothing to do with its sound quality"? This sounds as though you're saying that there is something inherently negative about the color black, and that the unit sounds good in spite of its color. 
Aqua xHD v Rockna WD SE Balanced
I'm actually considering these two dacs as well. Though my top two in consideration are the Totaldac D1 Dual and the Rockna Wavedream Balanced. For me, the Rockna is number one on my list, as it is a true balanced dac and my system is all balanced... 
Roger Paul has passed away
I purchased my phono preamp from someone who was a friend of his. He said that his equipment was "revolutionarily transparent", and was in the process of moving towards all of his equipment in his system. I'm sad to hear that a creative individual... 
Looking for more transparency.
Mapleshade interconnects were actually a little warm in my system. Or maybe not warm, but tone dense.The speaker cables didn't sound like anything. Which is what I liked. All systems and ears are different.  
Looking for more transparency.
I should have been clearer. When I think solid core, I think if two stands of cable for a single ended connection, and three for a balanced cable. I'm a fan of simplicity in cables, and haven't heard a multi strand cable that I preferred over sing...