Audiophile router configuration

I'm not sure why no one shared their experiments with router configuration that can improve sound quality after years of audiophile network switch hitting mainstream audiophile. So here's my recommendation for you guys to try and see if it will help in your system.

1. Use WiFi 2.4GHz for lower noise level

2. Setup 2.4GHz to use legacy mode (So you can disable WMM)

3. Disable WMM Support for lowest possible latency

Although your maximum bandwidth will be limited to 54Mbps only. However, you can get smooth bandwidth with lowest ping spikes with more micro detail. I'm quite surprised how WiFi can sound better than my expectations.

And if you want to have faster internet, you can always use 5GHz network and leave 2.4GHz for dedicated audio only. Some other options also affected sound quality too and I'm still testing to find optimal configuration.

The problem is WiFi is not where the sound quality happens no matter what speed, this is all irrelevant, US audiophiles want stability, steadiness, strength! that's what using WiFi means to us. Ones and zeros are ones and zeros until they hit a High Quality music server that is...mmmwwwhhhaaaa! 
Also to reduce noise, the router needs to be on a separate circuit than audio. Substitute the wall-wart SMPS with an LPS. 
There was a recent thread regarding how to get better performance from a router.

I live in the city and there's too much traffic on 2.4GHz. Streaming was no fun with all the buffering and waiting.

As a former Network Admin/Engineer, I think you should probably get a better router. Sounds to me like you have a router that maxes out at 54Mbps for media consumption. You should be aiming for at least 300mbps in full duplex mode - with any performance settings maxed out. A router with 2 or more high-gain antennas is ideal.

FYI - get a CAT 8 cable if using with a laptop or desktop computer. Much better shielding and reduced latency in packet delivery. It can be like 10-15 bucks..and it'll work better than previous iterations like CAT 6.

Wired Ethernet is the way to go if you are serious about enjoying high quality streaming!

Here is a recent discussion on getting the best out of your router,
I’m now using CAT8 to my Node2i with Cullen PC, wifi to FireTV. Fios 200mbps, Android for control. It’s very fast, no dropouts.
I have the router plugged into a Brick Wall PC 8’ away from audio, separate circuit. I used a RF "sniffer" and found high levels of RFI on the coax entering my house but no RFI at the Brick Wall or router, zero RF at my audio system.
And a noticeable improvement in the noise floor.

The OP is the creator of 'Fidelizer-Audio'.   Any suggestions he offers should be seriously considered.
Thanks for this. Although I wasn't able to disable WMM (not possible with the router I'm using) I did separate the networks and am now running the laptop for audio on a dedicated 2.4 GHz network with everything else running off the 5 GHz branch. 

There is a noticeable improvement in sound quality doing this. 

Hi, my experience on enhancing sound quality on streaming. I just use the iFi iPower-X audiophile grade smps on the Wi-Fi router immediate I can hear the sq clarity is better and slight wider sound stage. The most surprise is the Wi-Fi signal 1 more bar stronger. Worth of trying on psu first then on modem. 

Using 2.4Ghz is like using a network cable that all of your neighbors share at the same time, and they have the ability to saturate it with interference and you can't do anything about.  It might be fine one day and not fine the next.  There are only 3 non-overlapping channels in 2.4Ghz and everything from baby monitors to security cameras to walkie talkies use that frequency.  Not a good recommendation.

5Ghz has far more channels and is a much better option.

A wire is even better, but not always feasible.