Audio out to RCA input on new Sony TV's?

I currently have an older Sony HDTV with RCA connectors for audio out, to RCA connectors, into my preamp (and expensive $8K stereo).

All new current Sony HDTV's now have, Audio Out : 1 (Side / Hybrid w/ HP).

Howe do I get analog audio into my preamp with the same quality?

Do I now need a D To A converter?
New TVs have 2 channel audio-out via a newer HDMI standard (1.3a? 1.4?) -I can't remember off the TOMH.
You must have an AVR with this newer standard and then feed you preamp with RCA cables from the AVR L/R outputs.
Hope this works...
I use an earphone mini jack to RCA cable. Under "Audio Settings" set the phone jack from "headphones" to "audio out". The quality is very good.
There are devices available that can take an HDMI signal and churn out an RCA connectable signal. Give Google a try, they're usually about $25-$50....


The Audio Out : 1 (Side / Hybrid w/ HP) is a 1/8" stereo mini jack, so all you need is a cable with a 1/8" stereo mini plug on one end and RCA's on the other. Then set the Fixed/Variable in the menu just like your older Sony TV.

Another option is to use the optical digital audio out to a basic 2 channel DAC, then from the DAC to your preamp. It will be necessary to set the digital audio out to PCM which, after looking at a manual, appears to be possible.

If you don't currently have a DAC with an available optical input, then the first option works for just the price of the adapter cable.
My Sony HDTV has an optical digital out. I run a toslink optical cable to a DAC and then into my preamp for 2 channel stereo. Sound is surprisingly good. This would mean using a DAC and going to the "digital out" on your TV and setting it for PCM. Hope this helps. good luck.
Per RL, above:

There are devices available that can take an HDMI signal and churn out an RCA connectable signal. Give Google a try, they're usually about $25-$50....

He's right, these are out there, but....

I'd advise you to avoid this route, at least based on my experience with the audio/video version which provides stereo audio plus composite (?) video via RCA (red/white/yellow plug) from HDMI. I was trying to connect a video game console (HDMI out only) to an older TV (RCA only) in a dedicated gaming set-up for my daughter. I tried two different versions of this adapter and neither worked worth sh*t, even for a set-up where video and audio SQ was far from critical.

The first one I tried was cheap but had good reviews on Amazon. The second was cost a bit more, but was the highest rated version. So much for reviews. There may be better ones out there, but I'm not sure how to identify them.
Not sure what OP is trying to accomplish, but title of thread suggests OP's trying to send audio to TV via RCA. I think OP wants audio from his new TV to go through his $8K stereo to achieve sound superior to that of the TV. If his $8K stereo can convert digital to audio but lacks HDMI, perhaps a device like that suggested by RW might work If his $8K stereo cannot convert digital to analog, he needs an external DAC.

I am asking how to get analog out from a new Sony HDTV into the RCA inputs on my preamp.

Can I just use the headphone mini jack output on the new TV (with a simple mini jack cable to two RCA plugs} into my preamp?

Will this give good sound quality?

I do not want to go the D to A into my preamp (route) if possible.
One more time.

My $8k stereo is a ARC SP-9 MKIII, Son of Ampzilla 2000 amp and Magnepan MGIIIa speakers (no digital anything).

Can I run a 1/8" mini plug cable with two RCA plugs from the headphone out on the new TV, into my preamp, and get good sound quality?

I do not want do deal with HDMI, or a DAC.

Kr4--- What is an Audio Return Channel?

Why did new TVs drop the analog audio RCA output jacks?

Is the earphone 1/8" audio mini jack output jack the same as the old audio RCA output jacks?

Is there an output impedance difference between the new TV earphone output, and the old TV RCA output jack, which could be a problem with a preamp?
There won't be an impedance issue using the headphone mini-jack output, as headphone outputs have to have low output impedance or they wouldn't be able to drive most headphones with reasonable results.

So using an adapter or adapter cable seems well worth trying, although I can envision the following possible concerns:

1)That output MIGHT not provide enough voltage to drive your system to adequate volume levels, although my guess is you'll be ok in that respect.

2)Ground loop hum could possibly be an issue, although again chances are you'll be ok in that respect.

3)I've never had much faith in the ability of 1/8" and even 1/4" connectors to maintain good contact in the event the plug or cable is physically jarred or disturbed. And a momentary loss of contact between the grounds of the plug and jack could put a large transient into the system. So I would make a point of arranging things so that the plug and cable cannot accidentally be physically disturbed.

4)Obviously the sonic quality of the circuit in the TV which drives that output is uncertain.

-- Al
If your Sat/Cable Box/DVR is the TV audio source that you want to connect to your pre-amp, see if there is an Audio Out with RCA jacks in addition to the HDMI output. I've used this output in the past for TV audio that eliminates the need to go through the TV circuitry.
As I understand it, you need to get the analog audio TV output into your preamp with the best quality audio possible.

As was stated by Rbrowne above, I also take the RCA output from my cable box to my Ayre integrated amplifier. I use an HDMI cable from my cable box to my TV for video.

My Wave Broadband/TiVO cable box has a setting used to output the audio to the RCA jacks and NOT the HDMI cable. This means the HDMI cable carries the video to the TV and the cable box outputs the audio to my amplifier (in your case, a pre-amp).

What cable box are you using? Does it have RCA output jacks? If yes, I suggest you take the audio output from your cable box direct to your pre-ampliifier. Please check the audio output setting on your cable box to enable the capability. Does this solve the problem?
Another problem I had was that my Sony BDP-S6500 Blu-Ray player (new model priced at $129 at Best Buy) does NOT have RCA output jacks. Unfortunately, the newer blu-ray players do NOT have RCA jacks.

In my case, I used the HDMI cable to my TV (Video & audio) and ran RCA jacks (audio only) from my TV to my Ayre integrated amplifier. Unfortunately, in your case, your TV does not have RCA jacks. Do you have a blu-ray player? If, yes, what output jacks does it have? If your blu-ray player has RCA jacks, the audio problem is solved. You connect the blu-ray player audio RCA output signal to your pre-amplifier.

For example, the Music Hall DAC15.2 (Amazon price is $249) is a three input solid-state DAC that has 3 digital inputs (usb, optical, coaxial). Hopefully, your blu-ray player has outputs that match the Music Hall DAC. I know you said you preferred not to buy a DAC. I believe the only way to take the audio output from a blu-ray player (without RCA jacks) is to convert the digital signal to analog using a DAC.

See this link for the Music Hall DAC (If the link does not work, copy it your your browser):

There are many DAC’s on the market that could be used for this. I selected the Music Hall DAC15.2 because its price is reasonable (under $300) and it supports usb, optical, coaxial connections. What do you think?
If the ARC SP-9 MK III can take digital via coax from a cable or satellite box, that's a good alternative to HDMI for audio. If OP is relying on the TV for analog source, I suspect "good sound quality" is unlikely.

Hgeifman writes, "In my case, I used the HDMI cable to my TV (Video & audio) and ran RCA jacks (audio only) from my TV to my Ayre integrated amplifier."

Why would you do that? Doesn't the Ayre have HDMI or coax input? Do you really want TV quality sound from a Blu-ray player?

Dbphd: I totally agree. The problem is the Ayre AX-7e integrated amplifier ONLY has balanced (XLR) and RCA input jacks. Unfortunately, the Ayre amplifier does not have HDMI or coaxial inputs.

While I prefer to get high quality sound from my blu-ray player, the Ayre AX-7e does not provide that option. The only solution, I guess, is to sell the Ayre and replace it with another unit that has HDMI or coaxial inputs. I really like my Ayre AX-7e and prefer to keep it. Any suggestions?
The audio must come from the TV, because I also use an apple TV, cable box, and Sony blu-ray player.

The audio input must be fixed output, as I use the volume control on the preamp.

Right now I have a 40'Sony Bravia Led HDTV that has RCA audio output, and the audio sounds great. I sit 6 ft away.

I wanted to go with a new 50"+ ultra high def Sony TV, but have now changed my mind.

I do not want 3D or built in internet. I get all channels I need from the apple TV and the blu-ray player.

I also have very basic cable TV.

I guess there is no real reason to change.

Unless you sit very close (4 ft) from the the TV, I see no need for ultra high def TV over a blu-ray disc. A big selection of 4K video is not here yet.

Hgeifman, I just looked at the manual for the Ayre AX-7e online, and see that it is analog only. I'd add a separate DAC to make it more compatible with components that have digital but not particularly good analog output. Good analog circuitry is an expense Sony likely avoids to make their inexpensive Blu-ray line price competitive.

I use an Ayre C-5xeMP disc player, so I can understand why you want to keep the Ayre.

Dbphd: My problem is solved. I purchased the Musical Fidelity M1 DAC and run a coaxial cable from my Sony BDP-S6500 Blu-Ray player to the MD M1 DAC.

Since the MD M1 DAc is "balanced", I can run balanced interconnects from the M! DAC to my Ayre AX-7e amplifier. I received the MD M1 DAC today and hope to receive the coaxial and interconnect XLR cables next week.
As I described above, I am using a coaxial cable from my Sony BDP-S6500 Blu-Ray player to the MD M1 DAC. It sounds great.

My next step was to improve the audio from my TV. I tried the optical (Toslink) output from my Pioneer TV to my Musical Fidelity M1 DAC but discovered it does not work. Since I am using HDMI from my cable box to my TV, the optical output signal is blocked. Pioneer said there is NO digital signal if HDMI is used for the inout.

I then noticed my TiVo Cable Box has a optical digital output connection (Toslink). I connected my Wireworld Supernova 7 Glass Toslink cable from my cable box to my Musical Fidelity M1 DAC and it worked. Well, not exactly. I had to change my TV audio settings to PCM output and then it worked.

The sound is much improved from using my cable box RCA's to my Ayre AX-7e amplifier. I am running a balanced cable from my M1 DAC to my balanced Ayre AX-7e amp. The MF M1 DAC has four inputs for source inputs.

If you are looking to improve the audio sound of your TV, you might want to check your cable box and see if it makes sense to use a digital output to a DAC.