Audible Illusions M--Are you using built-in phono or external phono preamp?


re: Audible Illusions M3B...I feel the built-in phono input is not as dynamic as the other line stages, CD,DAT,etc.

The volume is much lower but more importantly the dynamics are reduced and do not improve with an increase of volume. Yes it gets louder but it's missing something.

I am using a mid-priced Pro-ject TT with Sumiko Bluepoint 2 MC cartridge, 2.5mV. 

Although not the best stuff ,i still feel a a little disappointed. Would an external phono preamp resolve this issue?

Or i am expecting too much from vinyl?

thanks guys


ps: this preamp otherwise is spectacular!!!!!

Mike, so many questions. Is the preamp New and in need of break in, have you heard the Blue point prior to hearing it with this pre, is the cart set up properly? I will say that the phono stage of the Modulas is really why you buy it and if the other inputs are outperforming it there is something wrong and would look directly at the Blue point, might be time to upgrade.
I agree with tooblue.  I have owned all 3 iterations of this preamp;  original Modulus 3, Modlus3A and Modulus3B.  The phono preamp is of excellent and very high end quality.  I suffered with the dual volume controls because the phono preamp was so great.  Something is wrong somewhere.
Hi guys thanks.. all are new.
......the preamp ,TT  with cartridge are brand new. This is my 1st TT experience so I do not have a comparison.  I did not audition. I will double check all connections I guess. What is throwing me off is the preamp sounds fabulous on CD and DAC/streamer inputs.


Settle in and give this setup at least 100 hours before judging, bear with it and I believe after the burn in you will just slip into enjoying the sound.
I have a 3a with mm section. My AcousTech ph1 premium, with op amp upgrades blows it away. However, since I run LOMC's I really have no use for the mm section in the 3a. When I have run HOMC, my AcouSTech still out performs it. 

That at being said, it is not bad and will respond to tube choice. I do find it a bit lifeless and lacking a bit but it will do when matched with a good cartridge. Further, I can't say I'm a fan of the BPS. To me they lack any organic timbre and bit hard and grainy. I owned one a sold it.
The John Curl phono stage in the AI Modulus is perhaps the best I’ve ever heard. I agree, this is why you buy the preamp. The phono section is freaking awesome.

I've heard that preamp with a VPI Prime front end and you'd need a very serious CDP to come anywhere close to that sound. Your turntable (or cartridge) is the bottleneck. 
John Curl’s Gold Phono board is a special order phono board and only on select preamps. It also is made for low output moving coil cartridges. Given that the OP is using a BPS, which is moderate output, I doubt he has the Gold Board. The stock phono stage is fine but not great.

Send the M3B back. It should only take a few days to find out for sure. 

Ha Haha! It will take AI 6 months to even have a glance at it. Notorious for worst response time in the industry. Pay now, get product 9 months later.