Arcam A32 vs. ML 383, Macintosh MA6900, YBA, other

I have very much put a freeze on my system for a little while but my next upgrade (humm) could be a new integrated, of course, if I can hear an appreciable improvement. Has anyone compared the A32 or maybe A85 to the Mark levinson 383 or Macintosh MA6900, YBA or other?

I am driving a pair of B&W N805s with it.

I am in MĂ©xico, so it is hard to get dealers to audition equipment but may get to listen to a ML 383 in the near future. Thanks.
I have the YBA Passion Integre. I've auditioned everything before I bought this baby. No experience with the Arcam so I can't help you, there. My review, on the Passion, is in the Archives. This amp is warm, tubelike, with all the advantages of ss. It's got it all. I owned an Integre for 7 years, and now this baby. I was going to say, if your funds are not up to this (the original Integre, possibly), but I see you're entertaining the ML and Mac. I don't want to fall into the trap, exclaiming how much better this integrated is than what you've mentioned, so let me say humbly, I liked the Passion better. A lot better. You can email me with any questions. good luck
I auditioned the 383 side by side with the MA6900 and liked the McIntosh better. It just had more body and presence. They were playing B&W N802s with MIT oracle cables and Meridian CDP. They were both excellent but the Mc just made my feet tap and my face smile. Only heard the AR Complete and it was too lean as well - YBA perhaps better(?). Arthur
As an owner of the 383, I usually read most posts about it and other integrated’s in its category and I hear a wide gamut of thoughts and outcomes. You have listed some nice integrated amps and I am sure all are good, but with the wide range of results I have read, it leads me to believe it will more than likely come down to what works best with the rest of your system and your personal liking.

Like you, I don’t have a lot of shops in my area, so if I ever want to try something, it is very difficult. As the previous poster said, he found he liked the Mac better with his 802’s; I recently conversed with another gentleman that tried both the 383 and the 6900, (in his system, this is rare, most comments are based on different systems), and he found the 383 more musical but liked to rock out and the extra power of the Mac allowed him to do so, so he went for what worked with him.
Thanks all for your responses. I am of course interested on the actual improvement from the A32 to one of those ints listed. But I am sure there will be one because the A32, although a nice integrated, is not in that league. It is very insightful to get your input.

Without listening, what I like and don't about these integrates

The ML383. I like the ergonomics. Don't know how the ability to set the muting volume level can appeal so much to me but it does. In that respect the A32 has lots but not as much ((you can even customize the amp's welcome message on the A32, I have FUERA CHAVEZ! on mine, as I am originally from Venezuela).

MA6900. Mcintosh tradition. Lots of power (200 vs 100) which might be useful with the N805s or whatever I get in the future, although they seem fine at 100Wpc.

YBA. Very nice reports here (not only you, warrenh). Spartan interface (but if it sounds so good I don't really mind) This guy might tame my N805s treble. No distributor in Mexico.
BAT VK300X Absolute sounds 2nd best integrated ever reviewed. 4000.-6000. depending on options. The best integrated costs 20000.00 I have heard the Bat , it is truly amazing.
As said above, YOUR preferences are more important in this league of quality.
* Arcam 85 wpc is not enough for N805.
* Lower cost McIntosh (<$10,000 or so) are not as clear ML 383 and you will hear the degraded sound on N805's.
* YBA is in the league of M-L but comes down to your preferences - YBA more smooth, etc. ML 383 more detailed, etc.
* I personally think there is great synergy between Musical Fidelity and B&W. Their A3.2 integrated at 115 wpc MAY be adequate it has a spec'd peak to peak output current of only 24 amps. Compare this to the A3.2cr power amp which is 72 amp peak to peak. Use these numbers for comparison, as Bear said - impossoble to get 72 amps from the A3.2cr.
--- So for what you are willing to spend, I'd recommend the A308 integrated (since you don't seem to want separates) with 48 amps peak to peak are better sound than A3.2 integrated.
Hello again
I auditioned at length the YBA Integre DT yesterday on a pair of Triangle Celius speakers and Arcam CD. It was very nice. It was less dark than Mc. From what I remember, it is as smooth and has a neat feature of tube filtering for a slightly different sound. It was nice but a little bright for me (or for what I am used to).
cdc, thanks for your input. I am currently using the Arcam A32 so am not considering the A85 but mentioned it for comparisons as it has a similar sound to the A32, albeit less power. I think MF amps are on the same league as the A32 (I have auditioned the MF300 so am not really considering them). Only benefit would be more power.

The YBA really atracts me, the problem there is that as there is no dealer in mexico I would have to make a blind choice. Unless in one of my travels to the states I can get to audition one. So for the time being I'll work to arrange an audition of the ML383 with my gear. They tell me that early next year they will get it (thinks take time here!).

At this price range, well, I'll have to listen to them, of course.