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Marantz 2245 & Rega Brio
I am a dealer for both Marantz and Rega. The new Brio R is really good. IMO one of the best buys out there. 
Replace my Usher be718 ?
I have owned the BE718 as well as the Dynaudio S1.4's. I am much happier with the Dynaudio speakers. To my ears the Ushers can be fatiguing after just a few hours of listening. The S1.4's have better detail than the Users but are never fatiguing. ... 
Best audio purchase of 2011
Avalon Time speakers. Jeff Rowland Corus preamp and 625 amplifier. I am just starting to hear the system after a long break in period. 
Has anyone tried the new Shunyata interconnects?
I will be getting mine in a few weeks. If active I will respond after break in.John 
Help me build a Theatre system for $5000
Hi,I would stray away from the mass produced names. Take a look at Arcam AVR 350 for a reciever. Usher 600 series loudspeakers are a great value for the money. If you have time read some of the reviews on the gear you are looking at. contact me if... 
Nordost Black Knight
I use this cable in my entry level Arcam system. I think it is hard to beat for $80.00 
DVD player Denon 3800 or ????
Arcam has a new player that will retail for 999 available in early October. Great picture. 
Copland CDA822 VS Arcam CD33
I have heard the CD 33 and it is very good for the money. I have not heard your other players. 
Best CD Player for under $5,000
I have compared several brands of players ( Krell , Wadia 860 , Electrocompaniet , Arcam cd 92 ) I prefer by a large margin The Bat VK-D5SE 24 bit version. It is my favorite player. 
Krell 7.1 or Theta Digital Casablanca II ???
I had the Krell 7.1 I have since bought the new PrePro from Bel Canto. I was very happy with the Krell , but the Bel Canto is way better IMO. The stereo pre section is by far the best in any Home theater pro that I have heard. Check it out. 
New Meadowlark Kestral 2: Was at CES--Opinions??
They were incredible!! 
Arcam A32 vs. ML 383, Macintosh MA6900, YBA, other
BAT VK300X Absolute sounds 2nd best integrated ever reviewed. 4000.-6000. depending on options. The best integrated costs 20000.00 I have heard the Bat , it is truly amazing. 
Any small monitors that dont sound thin and bright
Give System Audio SA2K a listen they sound better than any other I have listened to. AE-1 , Swifts , Proacs , B&W 805s , I have not listened to the Totems. These are not thin and bright . But very expensive 3500.00 retail. Worth it IMHO. 
What cartridge should I try ?
I listen to all types of music except country. Mostly Blues Older rock female vocals. I am using The Meadowlark Blue Herons for speakers. 
Best 5 Channel Amp
Bat VK 6200