April Fool's ?

The signal path is everything from the performer's brain to yours. The music begins somewhere deep within the psyche of the performer, and travels somewhere deep within yours. There is no physical or scientific means of defining the separation of the performer or the listener from the universe or from each other. If you are your toe then you are the universe. 

This is why our idea of what is a sound system is so childishly simple. This is why changes made as far away as the electric meter impact the sound in the listening room. Its all one thing. Improvements made anywhere, anywhere at all along this chain have a profound impact on the sound. Which its not even the sound, its the psychic impression we are talking about. 

This came up recently when pondering something new. There are many different approaches manufacturers can take to developing new equipment. Ted Denney III is known for his use of double-blind testing. Keith Herron has done the same. They sometimes work with each other. Peter Ledermann collaborates with Frank Schroeder.  They also sometimes use skilled amateurs. 

Its a challenge, and a responsibility. The challenge in this case is made all the harder by its revolutionary nature. Already some who have heard only a small part have called it audio nirvana. Hard to argue. For sure the usual audiophile glossary of terms falls short. As unlikely as it sounds there really may be a point where its more feeling than hearing. 

The signal is not what we think it is. The signal is not the signal. The signal is the cosmos. Doing its thing. The signal is us. The signal is all.