Apple Music streaming vs "direct" connection

With all the streaming options these days, Anyone play around with different configurations to stream Apple Music while staying in their ecosystem?

Iphone>Apple Music>Airplay>Airport Express> amp. (may not be true lossless per Darko article)

Ipad>Apple Music> Apple headphone adaptor>amp (Ipad outputs 24/48, headphone adaptor dac does 24/48 - or so they say)

Any other configurations? 



Switch to Qobuz or Tidal. Apple doesn’t seem able to get outta their own way when it comes to music. 

iPhone or iPad, running Apple Music hardwired to Dragonfly Cobalt or other DAC then to high resolution earphones or amp will provide you with lossless ALAC outcome but any wireless connection on that path will ruin lossless hi-res.

I’ll be the Philistine here.  I use an Android tablet and Chromecast Apple Music to my Cambridge Audio streamer.  It sounds pretty good to me.  If I use my iPhone then it’s AirPlay, which is a slight tick below Redbook Quality 

My streamer will stream directly, so usually just do that. While I am an Apple guy, casting has a higher bitrate over Airplay. 

IMHO, doing it direct sounds better. It also allows me to move around my house without any music dropping.