Anyone Using A Boston TT Mat

I just received a new Boston Mat from Sakura Systems. Right
away, I noticed that the mat's surface is somewhat rough especially
towards the center. Now it's not sandpaper rough, just enough
that you feel it with your fingers.
I wrote Yoshi at Sakura and he says this is normal and he has
never had any complaints about the mat being rough. He offered
to let me return it for a refund.
Is anyone using this mat that can comment on this. I just want to
make sure this won't damage my records. 

I have two from Sakura Systems and they are all fine. Great mat!

Use disc stabilizer on top of the record!
I use Boston Audio mat2. BA mats are the ancestors of Sakura. Yes, the surface is a bit “rough”, in the sense that it does not reflect light; it’s not shiny. But there is no way it could harm an LP, unless maybe you were to try to do harm, by using the mat as one would use sandpaper across the LP surface while applying considerable pressure. In other words, don’t worry about it.
I had one years ago on a Nottingham table and it was a nice improvement over the stock felt mat. Then I bought a Well Tempered Amadeus and it actually sounded worse on that table.

The question was whether the mat could harm an LP. I gather your answer is no, like the rest of us.