Anyone tried Vandersteen w/ Spectral?

Never seen the pairing.  Listened to all Spectral system today and am quit impressed.  Wonder why they were never paired w Vandy, any comments appreciated.
Chestnut Hill Audio in Philadelphia, which I'm pretty sure is no longer in business, used to have Vandersteen speakers set up with Spectral electronics for a long time. I had an audition for about an hour many years ago. It sounded very nice. Transparent and controlled. 
Spectral owner for 20yrs here. Throughly enjoyed the Spectral/ MIT system. Will drive drive : Wilson,Proac, Sonus  Farber, Avalon's , probably just about anything. The sound of Live Music.

Some issues; A Spectral pre- amp Must be used to drive Spectral amps. MIT or Spectral branded (=MIT ICs and SCs) must be used as a complete system. Thus you are locked into the Spectral paradigm. NO Mix and Matching.

 I waited (6) months for my new 30SV preamp. Hooked it up and was absolutely thrilled for (7days)
; then the protection circuits locked up. At first it was traced to my Manley Steelhead. Then it decided it didn't like my Pass Xono. Spectral is known for Not playing well with others. Rick Freyer has promised a spectacular phonostage for a decade. I am a vinyl guy. I just am tired of waiting.

Goodwin's High End lost a 44k sale and Spectral lost a 20yr loyal customer.

Brought a pair of Pass XA 160.8 mono blocks. My Manley Steelhead can drive them directly. But I have put a Nelson Pass designed pre into the system and went Balanced XLRs pre to 160s and lowered noise floor to " I will never go back to RCAs "
Vinyl, tubes, Class A, Room acoustics Rule. Received the final diffusers for my room yesterday.
 I would agree w/ inna about tape, but have 3000lps.
You probably don't see the pairing because many Spectral dealers aren't Vandersteen dealers.

You see Ayre paired a lot with Vandersteen.
+1 mdp632

Years ago, RV teamed up with Steve McCormack at many shows using AQ cabling.  For the last several years, Ayre has been an electronic brand of choice with Vandys.  Apparently those two brands truly do play well with one another.
In my experience, Vandersteen speakers perform above their price point.  I've heard his speakers with many brands, and with their ability to be adjusted easily, play well with any good brand...including Spectral.
With my 25 years ownership with Vandersteen speakers, my experience was they are amp friendly, no matter what amp you drive them with, Vandersteen performs at its best.