Anyone have first hand experience with new Keith Monks Prodigy.....

Been a long time lurker -- since the Doug Deacon daze....
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Looking at how record cleaning has evolved... and my faithfull (but LOUD) VPI 16.5 decided it did not like exposure to moisture... yea my fault.
Looking for first hand experience with the new Prodigy RCM From Keith Monks .....
Bamboo would make it through the years, service in the USA? etc...

Appreciate first hand input...

BTW -- thanks Mr Deacon, and, 4yanx, TWL, and of course Raul R. -- oops showing my age in a new era.

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No idea but I watched this. It looks like it works and they've been in the business a long time. 

I've been using a Prodigy for many months now and have cleaned hundreds of LPs with great results. Initially it took some trial and error to get just the right amount of fluid spread on the LP but after that it takes just over 2 minutes a side to clean. The machine is fairly quiet but I've heard they are or maybe already have come out with quieter units. I've also experimented with different cleaning fluids but find the fluid that comes with the unit does the best job. I've even bought more of the same from my dealer. 
Thanks to both of you for your replies, super appreciated. !!
Thought that more would chime in since this is a Keith Monks product...
Qustions remain about service after the sale.
Currently used Audio Intelligent --with nice success, as well as other well known fluids RRL which may have morphed into AI..., but seems best to use a product designed by the manufacturer...(no home-made solutions with this and that ingredients). (sorry)-- 

Comparisons with my only alternative much appreciated  VPI 16.5, was about compared to that  Kirmuss thing....

Records, are not made anymore -- just like beach property--LOL.

Thanks again for the replies :) posted

@focusedfx funny you should mention the Kirmuss unit. I bought one but what a PITA to use (yes it cleaned records great) but after 2 -3 weeks sold it. No regrets. Use the Prodigy now daily. 
@focusedfx funny you should mention the Kirmuss unit. I bought one but what a PITA to use (yes it cleaned records great) but after 2 -3 weeks sold it. No regrets. Use the Prodigy now daily.

---Thanks for your further input!
Looking at your system, you certainly have a say :)
These days, someimes my posts are not as succinct as need be ---
regarding my use of Audio intelligent , RRL, etc 
I meant  cleaning fluids --not machines... just to clarify.
Will list my system stuff as time permits-- but for present
Transparent Well Tempered Classic V / w/ XTC counterweight/
Grace F9 w/Soundsmith stylus --
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FX we are a dealer for Keith Monks and have been selling the new Prodigy since last December. We have sold over 12+ units and all (one customer wasn't thrilled but still likes his Prodigy) have thought it does a great job at cleaning records. They initially came out with the "Original" version and now have added a Prodigy Plus and a Prodigy Blue. All 3 units clean the same the differences are mostly in how quiet each machine is as you go up in the line and each one cleans at a slightly faster pace. Also with the Plus & Blue units they have a new EasyTune (EZT) vacuum system for true set-and-forget pressure regulation. Jonathan Monks the son of Keith Monks builds and tests all units before they are shipped out. He is setting up a place on the East Coast for service, if there is ever an issue. We have seen no major issues that required any type of repair with all units sold to date. They are about 300 units behind in scheduled units to be shipped so currently we do have a wait list for when more units arrive.
Please PM me if you have further questions or concerns.

(Dealer disclaimer) 

I have the basic one. (I've checked out all three of the Prodigys). I find it very tweaky to get it right. If not adjusted well, the polymer tip can leave a mark on the record. When working properly, it cleans well. Experiment first with cheap records first to get it set up. It's certainly a cool unit to look at, too. 


The basic unit is not silent. It's moderately noisy but not nearly as loud as a VPI type machine. But the VPI machine is one you'll have on for 15 seconds at a time. This one will be going for about 2:30 per side. The Plus is slightly quieter and a tad faster. The Blue is the real step up. It cuts a minute from the Basic's time, plus it really is just next to silent, just barely audible.


These aren't built to the standards of his upper level machines, but they're user adjustable and users can replace the parts if need be, unlike the upper level units. The unique aspect to all of the Monks record cleaners is that once an area of the LP is cleaned, that area is not touched by the cleaning mechanism again. With the VPI type machines, the same velvet lipped wand that passes over the record to pick up the applied fluid passes over the entire record a few rotations until its dried. And potentially the lips can hold particulate matter along the way, possibly redepositing it on another part of the record. That's the theory behind the Monks design anyway.


Monks was the first RCM. Harry Weisfeld of VPI, in response, wanted to create a less expensive, faster machine. And he did. VPIs (and the like) clean a record in about 2 minutes total including the spreading of fluid. The Monks Basic will take you short 6 minutes total. 


The Monks DisCovery fluid is essential. I compared it to two other fluids, the VPI as well as the L'Art Du Son concentrates. I cleaned several LPs, using one fluid on one side and another on the other. The Monks fluid consistently left the background blacker, allowing the sonic images to have more depth. It's not cheap costing about 25 cents/LP, but in the long run, it's worth it assuming you only have to do it once.