Analysis Plus Interconnects

Ok, I got my Solo Crystal Oval 8 speaker cables on Friday and after a weekend of 24/7 break in I must say I am VERY impressed. I am sure things will only get better.

I am now considering replacing my Sonoran Desert Plateau ICs with the matching Oval 8 cables. The Sonorans are pretty darn good and replaced some Luminous Audio Synchestra Signatures in my system some time ago. What would I get with the AP interconnects? Who is using them in conjunction with their speaker cables and what do you think?

And as a side note, how long did it take for the Oval 8 speaker cables to break in?


Personally, I noticed break-in occuring through the first 75 hours, then by a lesser degree for the next 75 hours, then levelling off and staying pretty much the same after that.

I also have Solo Crystal interconnects and AP Power Cords...I think this combination yields great results, especially for the (relatively) modest cost, and has great synergy together.
Thanks for your input. How do you like the AP power cords? And what have you compared them to?

I compared the AP power cords to others in the same general price range ($200-$300 per four feet). Admittedly, I did this with the other AP cables already in my system, which certainly biased my conclusions.

I was basically at a point where I liked the AP I was already hearing a lot, so (a) the AP power cords enhanced that, and (b) I probably wanted to like the APs better since I was already so fond of their sound.

I certainly respect Audience cables, the most serious other contender, but to achieve the same synergy I would have probably had to rewire everything in the system to AU 24's. I wasn't too willing to do that, especially since there's no guarantee that Audience makes a superior product to AP...I'd say they're very close, and the preference for one or the other might come down to personal taste/"your gear your ear" phenomenon.
I use the AP solo oval crystal ICs with Oval 9 shotgun bi-wire and found them to sound great. I wish I could say that I've auditioned against a lot of other cables but they were recommended and I've never had a reason to doubt them. I know they do sound much better then the cables they replaced.
The Oval 8 will reach its optimal performance level after a minimum of about 300 hours.
Let's put this in very basic terms. You cannot go wrong with A+ wires. The Solo Crystal 8 are excellent offering detail, specificity and musical sound. The only way to improve on them is to shotgun them with a matching pair of A+ silver speaker wires. The Solo Crystal ICs are neutral, fast and specific. I have recently compared my A+ wires with Audience, Revelation, Shunyata. I cannot find enough reason to spend more money or any real reason to give up either the A+ Solo Crystal or Silver. There are definite trade offs, such as AU 24 quietness but they do not have the same high end. Or the inner harmonics of the Shunyata but with a loss of sounstage depth. Revelations have a lower noise floor and are more musical, but do not have the same amount of specificity. You pick your trade off. They are all wonderful wires. Pick a price and pick a sound. For me, I am staying put with my array of A+.

I have the same question as Oz since I am trying out a 12 ft pair of Solo Crystal Oval 8 bi-wires to Magnepans. Very musical cables, good micro detail, smooth, dynamic, but is this "old folks wire":)?

My main complaint is that they are way too pleasant. A piano concerto I listen to is very dull with the A+, and certain instrument fundementals that are very noticable on other wires are almost MIA on the A+. Granted, my favorite cello concerto is as good as I've ever heard, the midrange is a thing of beauty.

I am curious as to what changes sonically occur from hour 1 to hour 75 of break-in? Do the A+ cables ever perk up?

Do the A+ IC's counter/match with the speaker cable to produce a more neutral sound that is less dull, or does one just have to make some sacrifices for the many virtues of the A+ Oval 8?


After a little over 100 hours on the speaker cables I think they sound pretty good. I wouldn't describe them as you have though, they have plenty of excitement and extension both top and bottom. My only fear was of the midrange and it came around nicely.

I think I have come to the conclusion that they aren't the best match with my S&B TVC preamp. Although they sound good, I have had better results with an active preamp in the chain with the AP cables. So I have one on the way and will be selling my trannies and Seiden switch here on the 'Gon. But anyway, I digress. These are great speaker cables, especially when considering the price. At some point I may investigatate the ICs too.

Thanks for the reply Oz.

No question they are very dynamic and extended cables, so in that way they definately do not lack excitement.....the wide extention on top and bottom is pretty amazing.

I have a hunch that my fear is the midrange too, so it sounds like all I need to do is be patient....a lot of the time I will be anxious about a component - because it will sound different, like "where did the bass go?" - and then only realize later that the bass is there, its just way more extended and defined, with less boominess, less artifact etc.

I have a feeling the A+ wires clean things up quite a bit, and in comparison to other wires this might make them sound familiar distortions!?