Amps to match kef blade2

I recently bought a pair of blade 2 from local dealer. I'm driving it naim nova. I don't like a lot of boxes, would accept one streamer/dac + one integrated amp or a better one box solution like nova. Currently looking at hegel h590, gryphon diablo 300 and luxman 509. wonder if there are better suggestions or help me choose which one should I buy.
I would go for a Gryphon Diablo, that will drive anything and remain absolutely stable . 
For a true one box solution, the AVM CS 8.3 is incredible.  It has a tube input stage, the software had been radically improved from the old x.2 software and sound really is phenomenal.

I have a customer who is using their flagship monos with Kef Reference 5 and it is a magical combination.  Totally, the All-in-one will sound exactly the same.  
They make a great integrated amp and separate streamer, etc... but that one box solution is really cool.  
From your list above, you can’t go wrong with the Gryphon.   Wonderful unit.  Good sound and great resale value as they are always in demand. 

Congrats, that is a speaker I am striving to get.

Do not put the Luxman 509x on the Blade. It is not enough power. The m900u is so much better though maybe still a little power shy for the Blade.

I heard the Blade2 with 2 Hegel units, the 360 integrated and their top of the line separates. I thought it was rather good but not my first choice. The Luxman gear sounded better to me. However, the new DAC in the 590 is supposed to be much better than the older Hegel DAC that I heard.

In my home office, I am running my Thiel CS3.7 with a pair of Benchmark AHB2 in mono. I will try that first with the Blade 2 before I venture anywhere else because I think it sounds great. I also have a CODA CSiB integrated that I now own and listened with the Thiel CS3.7. It was also very good. I am getting a Krell K-300i in a week or so and I will try that out with the Thiel CS3.7. The CODA is my headphone amp and the Krell integrated is for my family room system with KEF LS50s. The Blade 2 will replace the LS50 once I get a bit more space in the downstairs.

The reason I mention the CS3.7 is because it is more difficult to drive than the Blade 2. So if the Thiel sounds good with the gear I listed so will the Blade2.

Here are some other brands I have heard with Blades or have read they sound good with them.

- Chord top of the line monoblocks were very good (demoed years ago)
- I heard Simaudio 15K amps and full stack with Paradigm Persona and I think that would also be good with the Blades. Their integrated is likely excellent.
- the T+A 3100HV integrated is also another piece that I heard with Wilsons and it sounded great. I have read here on A’gon that this unit is great with the Blade 2.

I should have added that Mola Mola has a new integrated that has the Tambaqui DAC inside of it. It does not use Purifi but some other Class D. Check it out on GTT Audio YouTube channel. It is a little expensive but checks of a the things you wanted.
one kef blade owner i know happily uses the hegel h20 power amp to drive them

I don't know where you're located, but if anywhere in the chicagoland area I could let you try the H 590 with your blades. I broke down and went with Mac Mc611's and a c49 so my h590 is not in use.