Adona Equipment Racks

I have been researching equipment racks and for the price the Adona racks look good.  I am aware these racks have been discussed a few years ago in Audiogon.  So, I am interested in hearing current opinions from owners of Adona racks.  Please tell me your thoughts regarding sound quality improvements or not, build quality, and your purchasing experience.


I have two of their Signature Series equipment racks as well as two amp stands. In my opinion they are not only attractive but a good value as well. No they aren’t the best out there in vibration control but to address this I use Voodoo Cables Isopods. Detailed assembly instructions are on their website. 


I usually consider your comments to be reasonable ad fact based, but I was surprised by your comment about the Adona racks. I went from a Target rack, which was obviously for beginners to the Adona, and noticed a substantial improvement. Yes, I use cones and Live Vibe Apprentice stands with it, but I’m wondering if you have the personal experience with them to say that they have "no real sonic attributes.'

I am well aware of course that there are other more expensive racks that perform at a higher level.

I have had an Adona rack for a couple of years. Paul was great to work with and the product delivered was of high quality materials.  I was able to sell all of my Townshend pods as a result.  


You are right I have had no actual experience with the Adona Racks. However, I thought about purchasing them.

But I did not read/see any type of special isolation built into them. So how can they improve sound quality over just a good solid rack? If there is, please explain?


i owned -4- Adona ’Zero’ GXT racks for the last 12 years in my ’no-holds-barred’ system. you can see pictures on my system page.

here is the model i had. two of mine were 4 shelf, and two were 3 shelf. i sold them for 60% of what retail was when i bought them after 12 years. i experienced zero rack issues for that 12 years. the Zero GXT model has a very large and high mass top shelf ideal for turntables. which was the big attraction for me.

in December 2023 i switched to Massif Audio Racks, which are all wood, mostly for cosmetics.

i highly recommend the Adona racks. high value solid racks. can’t comment on the lower level models, but the GXT level is very well made. but it’s not a decoupling rack. it’s meant to provide a very solid base to add your own shelf tuning/decoupling treatments. i really liked the Granite/wood shelves....high mass and very solid. Adona is modular, so you can move things around, and break them down for shipping too. i had good experiences dealing with Adona. they always followed thru with things.

high quality decoupling racks are very expensive and can be very difficult to sell or ship if you want to change. i prefer treating each component myself to investing in expensive racks.

having a very solid floor is critical for rack performance. i have 6 inches of concrete. the rack cannot fix floor problems.

good luck.