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Reaching out to owners of Accuphase amps and integrateds, and also digital components. Do you, or have you ever, tried to swap out the fuses with aftermarket fuses? I don't yet own Accuphase but am thinking about going that route. I see many photos online of the interior of Accuphase gear, but I see no obvious fuse holders. In fact, it looks like you would have to remove things in order to get in the vicinity of the power inlet. Which I am not about to do. If the fuses are inaccessible, that would almost be a relief. One less tweak to be done with. ;-)




The fuse on my A 65 is on the bottom, simply turn over the amp, remove the bottom plate and you’ll see the fuse. I replaced mine years ago when the SR Blue Fuse when it was the new hot thing and yes it cleaned things up and have just recently thought of changing it to the new purple fuse. 


Ah, the bottom. That makes sense. SR Purple is what I use now in a few of my components. Did you experiment with directionality? 


 No I haven’t to damn heavy to be comparing direction of a fuse. Did you?

Which direction proved the most musical. Is the purple worth the hassle and expense over the Blue. 



I don't yet own an Accuphase amp, but the difficulty of getting to the fuse may deter me from trying to tweak it that way. 

I have never tried the blue fuse, so I can't say. I can tell you that the purple is very good. 

FYI, yes the purple fuse is better sounding than the blue fuse. After seeing this thread I just ordered a purple fuse for my Accuphase. I have one in the Pass 250, my mac and hegal. All sound better with the purple. 


Please report back after you receive the purple fuse. Would love to hear your impressions. 

I am an authorized Synergistic Research dealer since May 2023, but as an audiophile I have used SR cables, fuses and accessories since 2016. I started on black fuses, moving to blue, orange and purple.

Blue fuses were wonderful, much better than black in dynamics/punchlines and details/resolution. In my opinion, SR got it wrong with the orange, which added too much bloom and got in the way of details. The purple is definitely back in the right direction, with even better dynamics and details than the blue, but also with a level of effortlessness that is not fatiguing, regardless of how many you use. Before I became a dealer I was very hesitant to move to purple because of the experiences I had with orange, but I am glad to now have mostly purple and some masters in my system. 

I thought I was the only one. I had the orange fuse and it was just awful in my PassLabs. So much so, it had me changeing cables to fix the harshness. The purple IMO is Devine. Everything just sounds more effortless, and musical with natural treble. 

Rfpirce, it may be awhile before I have a listen to my Accuphase. I do a rotation with my amps and speakers. I always use my Pass amp in winter. Cuts down on the heating bill! As good as the Accuphase sounds, the purple fuse will take it up an inch or so. I know 200 is a lot for a fuse, but IMO is has been well worth it. I only waited this long because I did not know there was a fuse in the Accuphase. Found out here it is located in the bottom of the amp.A6.3 amp.

Has anyone tried Accuphase interconnect cables? I see they have silver-plated OFC cables that are surprisingly reasonably priced. 

@rfprice , yes, I have a whole loom of the grey and blue cables XLR and RCA. The only cables I had before were the Oyaide Tunami Terzo series, not a supermarket here of cables to try out, the Accuphase were a level up in transparency. 

For the MM Ortofon Black, the cables were low enough capacitance to meet the specs for that cartridge, and they sound like 'no cables'. For Accuphase source components, they supply either a grey or blue RCA, depends on what level the source is.

Equipment profile is here, FYI.

@blisshifi I would use the SR fuses but the website does not publish the fuse discrimination curves, so it's not possible to replace a SR fuse with the original. There's fast and slo, but that doesn't follow a standard and the cutoff times can vary quite markedly.


What Accuphase amp are you running ?  
Liike your description “Devine” that’s what I’m looking for. 


Thanks for this. I see you have the 750 player. I'm beginning to flirt with buying the new 770. That's wonderful if they include a pair of their cables. Only RCA? 



720, I meant. I don't suppose you've tested the balanced vs unbalanced connections between your Accuphase digital gear and amplifier?

@rfprice , just used XLR from the get go, due to inherent noise suppression. The 720 was delivered with a set of grey rca cables.


I've read here and there that Accuphase components sound best with their stock power cords than with aftermarket cords. Do you have any insight on that? Are you using the stock cords? 

Fuses having ’directionality’? You’ve gotta be nuts! The idea that a fuse - of whatever color - can alter the tonality of a component is bonkers and magical thinking! 


I enjoy a stock PC on my DP-65v reference player. Stock fuse as well. The sound is rich and golden in tone. It would be of interest to learn more about Accuphase interconnect (IC).


Happy Listening!



I have never used the stock powercord on my Accuphase so cant say stock it better. Maybe I will have to try and see. 


@tecknik @rfprice @dwest1023 

i just Installed the SR Purple fuse on my E-270 but I'm not sure if the direction is correct. Somewhere in this forum I found a while ago a user that posted a picture of his fuse on the fuse holder that looked like the direction of the SR letters on the fuse followed the direction of the fuse holder contact points labeled FH1 and FH2. the S was on the FH1 side and the R was on the FH2 side. 
Is this the way you have it installed? 

Thank you so much

Per SR in an email regarding directionality they recommend trying both direction to see which direction sounds best in your application.