AC cords for Hegel H390 that do not color sound?

I enjoy the sonic attributes of my Hegel H390.

Power cords I’ve tried in the past have brought improvements over the stock cable but at the cost of brightening or darkening the amp’s tonality.

If you are able to suggest cable brands/models in the 1 - 1.5 K range that are more transparent, please do so.




Recently, I was extremely fortunate to find a seller who was willing to part with his pre-owned, 1.5 meter, JPS Labs Aluminata power cable for just over a third of it's retail price.  I use the absolutely incredible Aluminata PC on my Hegel H590 integrated amp and it's the most uncolored power cable I've experienced,   

@stuartk this is a tricky one. Most of the cables will color the sound. I think another way of looking at it is what power cord would do the least amount of harm as far as sonic character of the amp is concerned and the overall synergy as well. 

The sonic signature of your system is important. If you’re looking to round off the top end, or have a bit more emphasis on the midrange, get a bit more body and better bass…this could determine what cables to use. 

I would suggest to borrow from the cable company and stick with major brands such as Audioquest, Nordost, Shunyata, Kimber. 

In my system…warm and thicken things up but still maintain a degree of transparency, Audioquest Tornado and Hurricane. Nordost Norse 2 series cables (Heimdall 2 and Frey 2) excel at soundstage, precision and separation of instruments without making things bright. Shunyata was borderline bright and fatiguing. Kimber is about precision but in my experience with slight compromise in soundstage depth and width. 
But…that’s in my system. I don’t have Hegel and my room is different. So these are purely my findings and nothing more. 


I think another way of looking at it is what power cord would do the least amount of harm as far as sonic character of the amp is concerned and the overall synergy as well.

Yes -- this is exactly what I meant to convey but you stated it more clearly! I do plan to go with The Cable Co. Thanks for reporting your experiences with various cables.


@ghdprentice , @kennymacc 

Thanks for your suggestions.


I use a JPS Labs Aluminata power cable on my Hegel H590 and it's the most uncolored PC I've used on it yet.  Another neutral PC  that I would highly recommend would be the Audioquest Firebird (source) power cable, which I use on my DAC.  I could switch the PCs around in my system and still be extremely happy with the results.  Of course, in your case, both the power cables that I recommended would have to be purchased pre-owned.  Happy listening.


If still looking for an "uncolored" power cord for your H390, consider a Shunyata Alpha EF v1 (no conditioning, all copper/no silver).  Should be in your price range.  I'm using one on my H390.  Uncolored?  Kind of a Zen question...hard for me to answer for you (or for myself, for that matter).  

The Alpha NR I have did take some time to break in...lose the edge, open up and gain some body.  Don't recall that being the case with the used Alpha EF, however patience to allow a good amount of time for settling in is always advisable.

Discontinued Shunyata Alpha EF v1

You are very welcome, of course, @stuartk 

I had thought about a PS re what this cable has going for it.  

Doing so here: AWG, geometry, metal quality and I've bought into Caelin Gabriel's instantaneous current delivery mantra.  FWIW.  

I do not like, however, what their NR tech seems to do on power amps, hence the EF here.

If you insist, get an AXXESS cable (from Audio Group Denmark).

1000 - 385 = 615 USD savings.



You have other problems in life you should focus on what to do about your wimpy li'l speakers, no subs, a big red couch between you and your speaker (?!?!), etc...

A power cable coloring/non-coloring your sound should be the very least of your concerns.